Sunday Post ~ The Week of The Dad’s Arrival

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I have been mentioning at every opportunity that the man’s dad was coming to Texas. Well, y’all, it finally arrived. He flew in Wednesday and is leaving on Thursday. I was so excited, anxious and nervous to meet him. I knew he would love Baby – everyone loves Baby (except the ex-fiance’s parents – problem much?), but I was nervous about how I would be received. I don’t know what the man has told his dad about me. Anyone else ever felt this way? We took him to The Alamo and the River Walk on Saturday, and he enjoyed it. While walking back to the parking garage, we heard my name screamed across the river. My brother (the married one) was sitting at one of the restaurant’s outdoor tables with his wife and stepchildren! What are the chances of that ever happening? If we had stayed seated at our restaurant just a little longer, or left earlier, we would have missed them. The man and his dad are planning a project for the yard. It should be done when I come back on Saturday!

This week I also think I finally got my groove back! For real this time. My reading/blogging/life slump, lack of motivation, and procrastination gave me a big kick in the butt last weekend when I realized I had three review tours for the week and I was only starting the first of those books! Where did all of my cushion time go? It was a wake up call. And as a blessing, there is a Mini Blog Ahead challenge happening for the first half of this month. It will save my butt! I have been maintaining a thirty-something set of scheduled posts every since participating in the full-blown version of Blog Ahead last November, and it’s my goal to get back there and scheduled out two months in advance except for my Sunday Posts and WWW Wednesday posts. You will see me commenting and visiting less and less in the coming weeks as I get prepared again.

Remember, there are free audiobooks all summer long! The first week of releases starts Thursday!

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I mentioned last week that my friend brought back a signed book for me from her library conference. Well, I’m still a little too lazy to get it posted. Next week, I promise.

I also won Rachel’s 2 year blogoversary international prize, and I selected The Neverland Wars! Apparently The Book Depository is showing it is $18 for her, and only $9.80 for me. What the heck?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Week of The Dad’s Arrival

  1. YAY forgetting your motivation back. I am in the same boat. I am hoping once I am back from vacation this week I will be in a better place all around. All around slumps are just no fun at all.

    I hope you have a great week! Happy Reading!

  2. Am glad you’ve got your groove back. And I hope the visit from the boyfriend’s dad is going well and you’re getting along nicely.

    Running into your brother and SIL like that sounds amazing…. #fate

  3. Oooh, can I come visit you too? I don’t know why, but San Antonio and the Riverwalk are on my (relatively small) travel bucket list. I’ve just always wanted to go there.

    And I’m doing Bout of Books this week to try and finish reading the books I’ve promised reviews for.

  4. It sounds like the visit with the man’s dad went well. How did their project turn out? I am glad you are feeling more motivated in regards to your blogging and reading again. Hopefully you can get ahead again in no time. 🙂 Have a great week, Charlie!

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