Good Things Come in Threes, Too

Good Things Come in Threes, Too


Ever heard the phrase, things come or go in threes? The concept of things in groups of threes catches our attention. In literature, it’s called the Rule of Three.

The Three Wise Men.

The Three Muskateers.

The Three Little Pigs with three houses.

Aladdin and his three wishes.


You get the picture. But outside of relating to literature or fables, how have you heard the rule of three?

People die in threes.

Catastrophes happen in threes.


I’ve only every heard the phrase “They come in threes” in negative ways: people die in threes, situations happen in threes. That’s it.


What about good things happening in threes? I have never heard anyone say that until recently in a Sunday Post. Do you believe in this? That good things also happen in threes? It is hard to riddle out, as my brain has been wired to only pick out threes in negative.


Recently I wrote a post for the weekly meme My Favorite… and it was about the best thing that had happened to me so far in 2018. My answer? The Man breaking up with me back in March, which was a good thing. He was lying and cheating, so it’s good to go and get on with life than be living your life in web of deceit and untruths.

Since then, good things have happened to me. Lots of good things, but some that tie directly to the break up.

  1. I found and moved into a better housing situation where I have plenty of space and live alone again.
  2. My hair is starting to really thicken. It’s also growing, but it is not as noticeable as the thickness.
  3. I am infinitely closer to work, saving time and money.

You can go read the original post with about 30 or so different things I listed out as a result of the split – positive things for me!

Can you think of any good things that have happened in your life in threes? 

5 thoughts on “Good Things Come in Threes, Too

  1. Huh. I had never thought of it that way before. We do associate bad things with happening in threes–mostly in my case death related. I can think of good things that have happened, but nothing that’s really related to the other–at least not in a threesome. I’ll have to think harder on it.

  2. I mentioned this in one of my Sunday posts after having three bad things happen. Three good things happened right after that. Nothing huge but I noticed. Now I look for it and notice it happens more than I realized. Could be just coincidence, but I’ll take it:)

  3. I have had a crazy two days. 3 things happened. 1 a girl rear ended me as I was coming back to work for food.. no damage to us or our cars. 2 ran off the road my a garbage truck putting me two wheels in a ditch. Some home got back onto the road no damage. 3 deer ran out in front of me, but I didn’t hit it..

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