I am a pretty competitive individual, and I do not like to be outdone. I have always been this way, but there are times I’ve had to come to reason with myself about my competitive nature. I am a Type A, overachiever kind of person, so when this means I am out of the gate at full speed caffeine-addict style (sweet tea, please!) OR I procrastinate unduly until there is almost no point of return or success. In the last few years, I’ve been the latter, and I’m hoping to change that.

This page houses all of my challenges for the current year and past years. There is a link to each challenge post so you can see how I’m doing – and you can join in as well!





Challenges of 2018

Year-Round Challenges

2018 – Goodreads Challenge

2018 – Alphabet Soup & A-Z Challenge

2018 – Audiobook Challenge

2018 – Bookish Resolutions Challenge

2018 – Bookopoly Challenge

2018 – Discussion Challenge

2018 – Full House Challenge

2018 – Mount TBR Challenge

2018 – NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge

2018 – Reading Assignment Challenge


Seasonal Challenges

*Chapter Break BINGO

*Bookish BINGO

*COYER Winter Switch

*Take Control TBR

*Spring Bloggiesta

*Mini Blog Ahead


2017 Challenges

2016 Challenges

2015 Challenges

2014 Challenges


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