About Me

Hey y’all!

I’m glad to see you’ve found my book blog, Girl of 1000 Wonders. This blog is dedicated to my love of reading, which developed at a very young age: the summer after kindergarten. As I grew older, my love for reading grew with me. I used books as an escape, and honestly, I don’t regret that. Anything I could get my hands on I read – including every single one of my mom’s coveted romance novels.

Guests, you are always welcome to take safe haven for any length of time here in the Land of 1000 Wonders. The title was inspired from a fictional place of similar name from a book I read several years ago, Land of a Hundred Wonders. The book was filled with characters I came to love.

I read and write reviews for the enjoyment it gives me. I do this for fun. I have a love for the written word, and I am a person of literary intrigue at heart. Seriously – if I could spend the rest of my life taking literature courses, I’d be the happiest person on the planet, but there are bills to pay, so for now I am stress-fully content teaching.

My email: girlof1000wonders (at) gmail (dot) com

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