About Me

Hey y’all!

My book blog, Girl of 1000 Wonders, is dedicated to my love of reading, which developed at age five. As I grew older, my love for reading grew with me. I used books as an escape, and honestly, I don’t regret that. Anything I could get my hands on I read.

Guests, you are always welcome to take safe haven for any length of time here in the Land of 1000 Wonders. The title was inspired from a fictional place of similar name from a book I read several years ago, Land of a Hundred Wonders. The book was filled with characters I came to love.

I read and write reviews for the enjoyment it gives me. I do this for fun. I have a love for the written word, and I am a person of literary intrigue at heart. Seriously – if I could spend the rest of my life taking literature courses, I’d be the happiest person on the planet, but there are bills to pay, so for now I am stressfully and slightly discontent teaching.

My email: girlof1000wonders (at) gmail (dot) com

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