Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Want to Visit Again

Top Ten Tuesday

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Characters I Want to Visit Again


Characters I Wish I Knew When They Were Kids 

Tessa from Level Up

Poor Tessa. She’s more of an introvert than I am. Incredibly and painfully and awkwardly antisocial. She has grown up with essentially no friends and definitely no social skills. How she even got on as a roommate is beyond me. What was her childhood like? Why didn’t her parents ever get her help? She’s so terrified of everything…until she makes friends.

Warren from The Soul Summoner

Warren is dark and brooding. He is the epitome of bad boy. He’s got the vibe, the hardcore, and the looks. He doesn’t have a soul. He also has supernatural talents that have always separated him from others. Repelled others away, if you will. I can’t imagine how he could have survived childhood in Chicago with his demeanor and talents.

Charlotte, Will and Angus from The Husband Maker

The twins Charlotte and Will and friend Angus are incredibly funny and tight-knit as adults. Despite Charlotte being born a girl, the boys still include her (when appropriate) and love her anyway. They are just awesome friends.


Characters I Want to Meet Again as Adults 

Tawny and Jenny from Dog Goner 

Tawny and Jenny crack me up! Where Tawny is timid, Jenny is bold. They have awesome adventures and don’t mind being who they are. I’m sure they’ll grow up into strong, interesting, funny girls…who still are up for an adventure or two.

Abby from Night of the Purple Moon

Abby is sweet yet strong. She is hardworking but still kind and compassionate. She is trying to raise an island, literally. Where will she be in 10 years?

Zack from Zack Delacruz: Me and My Big Mouth

Zach is hilarious. He’s also inventive and a really good friend. He doesn’t have to do half the things he does for others, and he tries to help them anyway. He’s one cool cat.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Want to Visit Again

  1. I’m not familiar with any of these, but I love the opposite perspective you took with the first ones — characters you’d like to see as kids. I can think of a few of those, too… beginning with Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

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