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April News

April was a month that brought the deaths of many famous folks who led phenomenal careers. I am always astounded by the love I see on social media for these dearly departed souls. I’m sure 99% of us have never meet them or even know someone who has met them, but it is a kindness nevertheless.

The month has flown by and state testing is now upon us.

April brought the close of The Crazy Train of Yearbook. Don’t get me wrong – yearbook is NOT over, unlike everyone thinks (which is why we got kicked out of our work lab). We have submitted. Six pages came back with errors of some sort – not bad for a first timer. One was not our fault by any means, but it was the biggest screw up: our set of twins had three pictures in the portrait section, labeled all wrong. We are now in the phase of contacting local businesses for sales, generating sales at school (right now we are at about 32%) and preparing for the new book with our new company. My officers for next year are stoked and want to work throughout the summer preparing our classroom, making it a home away from home and preparing processes for next year so we don’t have the same issues.

I began participating in a new meme this month – Diane’s First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros meme. I really like it, and the participants are very active and reciprocate.

Recently a coworker commented to me one day that I am very happy in this new relationship with the man, which has not been the case since she’s known me in my previous relationships. I told her she was right. This is the best (romantic) relationship I have had in my adult life, and I am excited for it to continue. The man’s dad is finally coming down to visit him – the first since he’s moved down to Texas eight years ago. I am anxious but nervous to meet him, and I know the man is happy for this. Baby, however, will not be happy that someone is sleeping in her bed in her bedroom at the man’s house. Mr. Man’s Dad might get a visitor in the night!

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April Reviews


April Reads

Average rating: 4.0
Pages read: 1,070
Favorite Book: The Siren 

Noteworthy Posts

The month was remarkable for the blog. My reviews of Night of the Purple Moon and Colony East landed me writing blurbs for author Scott Cramer. Traffic is remaining steady and slowly increasing, averaging 1500 visits each month. I am on track to out-do visits compared to last year. What surprised me most, though, was that comments are up! Thank you guys for visiting and commenting!

I spent some quality time this month writing discussion posts. I shared some tidbits about my local library. I am one what I believe to be few who did not have adequate access to a library in my childhood and yet I grew up to love books anyway.

I am also going through another reading slump. At this point, it really is a lack of time due to work and real life and a total lack of motivation to get ahead. I am enjoying things in my life for once and not burying myself in books to get away from undesirable circumstances. I talked about being overwhelmed by books and was surprised how many people felt the same way and knew what I meant.

Recently there has been a lot going around about copying and stealing others’ work in the blogosphere, particularly images and content ideas. Most of these cases were not by accident, and that makes it even worse. I recently discovered I share a feature with the same title and similar objective. I poured my heart and soul into a very personal discussion post with my confession of “copied” work. I was surprised by the outpouring of love and support following that post.

The top five posts of the month were…

Challenge Updates

I have been making slow progress through my challenges. This month I did the best on my monthly BINGO challenge, and I’m moving along in all others. I have suffered through a major book slump for this first part of the year, and I am starting to think I am out of it for real this time. I really want to focus on my NetGalley challenge, which will help all of my other ones.

May Reads

I know I’m reaching for a lot here, but I’ve already finished the first two books.

4 thoughts on “April Chit Chat

  1. What a great month of reading for you and it seems like this month will be even better! Good luck with the testing and the visit

  2. That’s awful that you got kicked out of the work lab! Hopefully the corrections and marketing are all stuff that you can do in small spaces. That’s awesome that you’re so happy with the man. You definitely sound happy and upbeat which is a miracle with all the craziness you’ve had workwise. Hope May is fantastic!

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