Mini Blog Ahead Challenge

The Blog Ahead Challenge is hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup. In November I participated in the full-length version of this challenge. I was able to schedule enough posts in advance that I maintained thirty-something numbers ever since. It allowed me to keep ahead of the game and spend more time in real life and visiting blogs. Now, though, my reading and life slump have come to a screeching halt. My procrastination and lack of motivation is kicking me in the behind, and I desperately need this encouragement and these next two weeks to get back on track with the Mini Blog Ahead challenge, which runs May 1-May 15.


Since the man’s dad will be in town from the 4th through the 12th, and he is off all weekends, that does limit my blog work. However, I’m going to work my butt off Monday-Wednesday nights in these next two weeks to get shit done. I primarily need to focus on updating my weekly posts as far in advance as possible, as well as creating new content for my Famous Last Words feature and for upcoming discussion posts. I will also be prepping all of my upcoming reviews so that everything is ready to go and all I will have to do is write the review.

My goal is to have everything for the remainder of May finished, and most weekly posts through June completed as well. I want to get all of my reviews prepped for the two coming months and get cracking on my TBR Jar – and NetGalley!

If spring has sprung and your flowers are looking a little lax, this is the challenge for you! If you did some spring cleaning of shelves and readers, the perfect time to get started on those reviews!


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