Sunday Post ~ Adios, Cozumel!

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Hi guys! My cruise to Cozumel was nice. In hindsight, I wish we had actually gone on an excursion when in Cozumel instead of going to one of the resorts. Lesson learned. I did not get seasick, but my brother did. I loved our dinner service. We had fantastic waiters – Omar, Ronaldo, and Adita. Wonderful men. I am disappointed my legs are still white as can be. I got some sun in my face and a little burn on my shoulders. I also got a henna tattoo! I think my mom felt bad that I was the only one who wanted one, so she got Snoopy on her arm. My friend ruined her phone in the ocean and it was a little downhill from there. I will share pictures in a post this week so this isn’t a bazillion scrolls long. 🙂

Baby is mad at me because I took her away from the party house. She stayed with my work partner K and her daughter Little K. Little K built a fort that they slept in every night, played the piano for the dogs, read books to them, played all the pretend games (doctor, teacher, etc.), played dog music for them, the whole nine yards. So Baby is depressed that our life is boring and misses being at their house. See what K suggested over there?? –>

I was really proud that when I got home I immediately unpacked and put everything away. Tuesday we tried setting my mom up with a smartphone through my energy guy so it would only be $35 each month. They only take Sprint phones. I don’t know what we’ll do with my brother’s iPhone 8+ then. We had to order her a phone.

My brother in Africa is becoming a bit annoying. The day we went to the coast for the cruise, he sent a message “Have Mom go buy and send me a Playstation before you go on the cruise.” UH. Hella no, boy. He was so impatient that he bugged someone over there that he “sent a thousand messages” to us and they let him buy theirs. Lordt. Apparently baby wipes in Africa also suck. You need good ol’ American ones.

Also this week I received some heartbreaking news. One of my dear friends and former coworkers’ husband had a horrible motorcycle accident in Canada while visiting some ailing friends. He is in the hospital in a coma with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Since they are in Canada, insurance will not kick in for the expenses. When my mom and I took our phones off airplane mode on Monday morning when we got back to Texas, we both had messages that a family friend had passed. He and his son were coming home from work and were hit by a driver turning against the light. Dale was pinned in. He and Jay were talking, and all of a sudden Dale looked over at Jay and smiled before his last breath. Y’all, that kills me. The wife worked with my mom years ago at Sonic, the daughter was in my class, Jay in my brother’s (one in Africa) class, and the youngest just graduated with my youngest brother. I just say them May 25th. Wednesday I found out one of my favorite professors from college whom I spent quite a bit of time with has breast cancer, again. I love all these people dearly and my heart is so broken. Please keep the Shartzer, Ford, and Davis families in your thoughts and prayers. If you can donate a little anything, even kind words, to their GoFundMe accounts, it will be greatly appreciated.

The Ford Family

The Shartzer Family

Wednesday afternoon my landlord tried hooking up my water line to the fridge, and it ended in a disasterous leak under the kitchen sink that had me emptying a bucket every 3 hours or it would flood the kitchen. After that, the shower would not drain while in use, and there was water bubbling in the bathroom sink when you’d flush the toilet. The leak finally got fixed Friday afternoon, and the plumbers were set to come back on Monday afternoon for the bathroom, even though it was sewer water coming up. Friday night my brother went to the bathroom bout 10:30 before he and my mom were about to go home. All of a sudden he yelled for me and I heard a whooshing sound. The bathroom literally exploded through every aquatic orifice with raw sewage. The bathroom was entirely flooded, as well as the tub. It was so awful and the smell permeated the house within minutes. Despite turning the water off, about 10 minutes later there was more. We cleaned it up and I packed a bag and went off to a hotel two towns away where I knew I could bring Baby. Plumbers came yesterday and removed the toilet and fixed all the issues (allegedly). I am terrified I’m going to start a load of laundry and it’s going to explode again. I haven’t been back home yet today, but I don’t look forward to cleaning the bathroom and putting everything back to rights. Baby and I did really enjoy our two nights in the hotel, though.

I started reading Cactus Rose right before I left for the cruise. I didn’t get too far into it and I thought I would have plenty of time at bedtime to read. Pffft. I never even opened it up. I am definitely intrigued by the first few chapters. Stuff about to go down!! I spent several hours last night in the beautifully long hotel tub reading a large chunk and I am more and more intrigued.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Adios, Cozumel!

  1. I’m glad you had a nice vacation even tho you had issues when you got home. Did you get to read or listen to any audiobooks on vacation while enjoying the sun? Anne – Books of My Heart

  2. Haha, those animal names are the best things ever! It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I went on one cruise and was seasick the whole time. From then on, I only wanted land-based vacations. Have a good week!

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