Cruise Photos

We left for Galveston on the 4th of July. It was a long drive through torrential downpours almost the entire way. We were a little cramped in my car, but it was alright. The hotel was OK. I expected a little bit more, but we didn’t splurge. I was surprised we got such a great deal at the last minute. We did venture out to see fireworks. I love fireworks. We missed most of it. Only saw about 10 or so minutes.

We were up and getting on the boat by 11:00 the next morning. I was nervous that it was going to be crazy and confusing getting parked and on, but the Port of Galveston has their shit together. I dropped all my people and our crap, drove alongside the boat to the lot, and got shuttled back. We went in and zoomed through all the beginning stuff and then waited to board.

My mom and youngest brother and friend went, but we were part of a larger group of my mom’s classmates and other 80s alumni from our high school. Most were couples, a few parents and their children, a couple people brought a friend like I did. One of my classmates came with her family and brought her husband. It was really nice to see and chat with her. I did not get seasick, but my brother did a little bit.


I loved all of the options on board – both food and activities. We went to a movies music trivia (apparently I suck, BTW), Harry Potter trivia (also suck at), and a facial pampering party. There were more things, but we kinda came back to take naps, and well, just slept. I really wanted to go to the towel folding and the married couple game show. Apparently that is funny as hell and you have to see it if you’re ever on a cruise and they do one.

Dinner each night was nice. As my brother said, you get treated like a king. Our waiters Omar, Rolando, and Adita were SUPER fabulous. LOVED them! Rolando was very personable and quite a hoot. I didn’t try anything adventurous, but I did enjoy the desserts!

We spent about half the day in Cozumel after actually getting through debarkation. We were about 10 or so people away from making it to the stairs down to the crew deck to debark when this crew member was like “There is a shorter line this way.” We went backwards and rounded by the elevators and the line was already down that whole corridor parallel to the one we just walked down and wrapped around to the interior of the ship. We turned around and went back. And she came back and tried to get us to go over there again. Pffft. Lady needs some eyeglasses and a ruler.

We walked through the pier shops and to the taxis and went straight to one of the resorts that was reported to us to be very good. (Not really, y’all.) In hindsight, I wish we had actually gone on an excursion when in Cozumel. Several people from our group went to do the swimming with the dolphins. Lesson learned for next time. I am disappointed my legs are still white as can be. I got some sun in my face and a little burn on my shoulders while at the resort beach. I also got a henna tattoo! I think my mom felt bad that I was the only one who wanted one, so she got Snoopy on her arm. My friend ruined her phone in the ocean and that was a big downer. On the way back to the boat, we visited select shops to pick up free items. Most were charms for bracelets. And my mom and I also bought birthstone rings! My mom got this beautiful opal cracked ring for only $45! While we were in a shop picking up one of the free charms, I saw a ring that caught my eye. I got the guy down to $125 on the first “ehhhh”. I could have gotten him lower (y’all, they are willing to bargain!), but we wanted to get out and get all our stuff and get back on the ship.


Getting off the ship was the worst of it. It was a little ridiculous and of course I came up with a better protocol and operation. We had to vacate our staterooms at 8:30, but could not get off until after 9:30. We had to lug all our luggage around while everyone else on the entire ship was doing the same thing. So we leave our rooms at 8:30, wait forever to get up to the 9th deck (we were on 2), park our stuff and I go to get in line for breakfast. They were shutting it down! As I was trying to go through the line, they were pulling everything off! Jackasses. So I ended up with six pancakes thinking I needed to share with everybody because they were still at the table. Turns out they all went separate ways and got something, but I thought that was hella rude. Especially since it said breakfast would be served until 10:30.

We again drove home in torrential downpours. I was quite peeved with my friend because she was sullen and snappy the entire day getting off the ship and coming home. While in the many lines and checkpoints getting off, she kept purposely falling way behind. We were about 40 miles away from my dad’s work on the way home and I asked my mom if she wanted to stop and see him. He did not go because he is terrified of water. My friend snapped “I’d like to get home as soon as I can.” I get that she was phoneless, but she already had said she wouldn’t be able to do anything until her mom got off work that evening, so what did it matter if we stopped for 10 minutes? I wasn’t real happy on the way home. :/

I will be doing another post about things I learned on my first cruise because I feel like I become quite wise while in the midst of some of these things. And some of them are funny.

The day after getting back, the spearhead of this whole cruise posted about an Alaskan cruise in 2020. You know where I’ll be! 🙂

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