Sunday Post ~ I’ve Returned!

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Happy July! 

Can you believe it’s already here!?! I can’t! Half of summer is OVER! 😦

I’m coming back! 

I have spent the last three weeks teaching summer school. It was a nice distraction and also helped me stay on some kind of schedule – and practice times for getting all my new routines down for the school year in this new house. On Monday afternoon I started major work on the blog with 12 posts scheduled from scratch. I spent some time the rest of this week getting things in line around here, too. I created a bullet journal spread to help me keep track of things for the next few weeks. I think I might keep it up in the fall, too. Although I think I need to find an alternative format to do it. Thoughts or suggestions?

I felt so accomplished this week that I printed my student loan forgiveness paperwork and filled it out…only to learn that my principal won’t be back until July 10th. He has to fill out an entire section before I can send it in. :/ My partner and I also got EVERYTHING for the first six weeks of school sent off to the print shop. We will be a little less stressed come August.

My landlord came and fixed my stove. The igniters for both the oven and the broiler were out. The same thing happened the last time I moved to this town, except the whole thing was out. Kinda strange. The first thing I cooked was a pizza. Also, not following my keto diet at all lately. It’s going to be a struggle getting back on track.

Friday I hit a low. The number 29 is not a good number for my family, setting a precedent of deaths and burials on the 29th of months…June, September, March, April. Friday my sister would have been 16. While I – and my mother – have made peace with her death and the ensuing rift between us, for some reason this year’s anniversary of her death hit me incredibly hard. I was emotional most of the day and hid out at home, crying quite a bit.

Next week my mom, youngest brother, friend I never get to see, and I are going on the cruise to Cozumel! I’ve been paying for this thing since last February. I’ve been running around the end of the week getting last minute things I need, like a new bathing suit. When I put on my old one piece, the straps slouched in the front and the back! The elastic was GONE. We are leaving out of the Port of Galveston. I paid for our parking and booked our hotel for 4th of July since we leave on the 5th. I’m getting my oil changed and my nails done before we leave. With that, I will not be back around until July 10th because I’ll be seaward and out of the country. First cruise, first time out of the country. I am glad I convinced my mom to get ocean view rooms. 🙂

I finished reading Unmasking Juliet, a contemporary retelling set in a feuding chocolatier’s world. Some of the descriptions were so vivid and striking. I almost want to buy a print copy of the book just to mark up those passages and keep around for the simple beauty of the carefully crafted writing.

I started reading Cactus Rose but I didn’t get too far into it yet. I had wanted to finish it by Wednesday, but I don’t know if that will happen with all the last-minute prep and packing for the cruise.

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Check back soon!


Proof that the Army really does take some kind of special idiots.

Also, who says that!? The thing they do in their free time is meeting ladies. 100% attraction decrease right there.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ I’ve Returned!

  1. I just returned to blogging this morning as well! And like you, I wrote a ton of reviews from scratch and scheduled them just to get my blogging back on track. 🙂

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