Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’d Like to Finish Someday

Top Ten Tuesday

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Series I’d Like to Finish Someday

There have been A LOT of series I have unknowingly started over the years – usually romances. Those are the ones that always get me! And cozy mysteries, too. There are several of those I want to read and finish, but I’ve read such an insignificant amount of those books I’m not including them today. But there are many.


Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

12 books – I first discovered these books at the very end of high school, and I continued to read them in college as they were published. But like always, eventually I fell behind. The books are in order below, and I have read through book 6, My Bonny Light Horseman. So far it has been my least favorite. L.A. Meyer passed away several years ago, and I am fairly confident he wrapped up the series knowing his health was declining. I’m not sure what the second half of the series holds, but I do want to dig into it soon.


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

8 books (to date) – I first read Outlander when I was 11 or 12. I’ve talked about that many times on the blog, and I’ve reread it numerous times. I never tire of it. I love the following three books in the series, too. I got stuck in The Fiery Cross YEARS ago. I have not picked it up and read in over 5 years. I can’t even remember when I stopped reading it, but I know it was before I began working for my school. I really need to. It was just so boring and the plot wasn’t moving forward for me and I wasn’t connecting anything fresh or new to things I knew to riddle out future plot lines. I did buy the Kindle omnibus, so maybe reading on my Kindle will help me get through it faster since I seem to have trouble holding the books now…and I read a lot at night and my eyes are crap. I also saw a 9th book is in the works?!


The Lockwood Legacy by Juliette Harper

6 books – I began reading this series through book tours. As far as I was aware, the series ended at book 3 because I never heard anything else from the tour host. Shit went down in that book! Then a couple years later I was trolling Amazon book lists and I saw the last three books!! I downloaded them but have yet to get to them. I know they contain some suspenseful nuggets given how book 3 ended.



A Bakeshop Mystery by Ellie Alexander

8.5 books (to date) – I also started this series through a tour company. I even won one of Ellie’s giveaways one year. I’ve read through book 4 and again, that seems to be where the author-tour relation ended. I haven’t purchased the rest of these, and I won’t until I clear some major headway off my Kindle and bookcase. 😦


Which series do you want to eventually finish? Which do you want to DNF?  

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