Chit Chat – June 2018

Heeeyyyy girl! I have been officially gone since April 8th, but I haven’t done a monthly chit chat since February. I am happy to say I am back! I am slowly easing back into reading and blogging, but at the same time I’m trying to make a plan and be productive so I don’t fall off course.

I have moved – again – into a beautiful two bedroom house that I love. And Baby loves stalking my neighbors and their cats. All of a sudden, there are now a million “emergency” potties needed. *sigh* She gets tired of me griping at her and after a while she’ll go on. I am mostly settled in, I am only needing to do a few things: get my kitchen table out of storage, set the printer up, hang wall decor, unpack and decide what to do with box of pictures, albums, and frames.

I also taught summer school in June for three weeks. The kids for the most part were well-behaved, but some of these boys are in for a rude awakening when they hit high school. Overall, it was a successful run and I’m glad I applied for it and got the job. My (work) partner K and I also got everything for our on level and advanced classes sent off to the print shop for the entire first six weeks of school. We felt like such badasses. We’ll be thanking ourselves come August when everyone else is 1) scrambling to get their rooms put up and 2) scrambling to find time to plan and 3) scrambling to send stuff to the print shop knowing it won’t come back in time and 4) scrambling to figure out what the hell they’re going to do now. Yep, teachers are just plain old scrambled eggs!

Now I am preparing for my cruise (I leave on 4th of July for Galveston) and getting my reading ignited again. Oh, and the mountain of bills I can’t pay. Anyone else feel like that?



Average Rating:     5
Pages Read:            368
Favorite Book:       Unmasking Juliet

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Obviously, VERY little progress has been made since March. I am very confident that I won’t meet many of my challenge goals this year, unfortunately. Also, I’ll take this opportunity to officially announce I am completely dropping the Audiobook Challenge.



How are you doing on your goals and resolutions?

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