Sunday Post ~ Plumber Here, Plumber There…Except At MY House!

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This week was fairly uneventful, besides the need for more plumbers and not being able to use my kitchen sink still. It *finally* got fixed. Now everything works and drains properly. I was finally able to mop everything down and wash my dishes that have been in the sink for 8 days and move on with my life.

I spent the week finishing Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix. Cute series with cheek! I also created all my spreads in my bullet journal for August and thought of some more to add to my non-annual bullet journal.

I had a writing training on Monday. My mentee also went and I am so excited to see her come into her own with her first year of teaching and working with me and my partner K. This is going to be a beautiful teachership.

Also, this happened. It was kind of hilarious and my partner K totally agreed with her own GIFs.

Thursday I had a CT scan scheduled to see WTF is going on with those six ear infections from Valentine’s Day to June 1. I was on super antibiotics for 3 weeks and given some time in between to see what is now going on. And plenty was, as my ears hurt intermittently the two days leading up to the appointment. That night I was also supposed to have a date, and this happened…

So…you were going to either bail last minute or stand me up entirely? On a date YOU asked for? That’s been planned for 8 days? That you checked in about last Sunday? Mmmm. No, boy. I think I gotta wash my hair…

My cousin who is having twins got married Saturday and 1. Didn’t invite me and 2. Didn’t even say a damn word. See if I like any of your baby pictures! Hmmmphhhffff.

Yesterday was my THIRD appointment to see about extensions. Y’all, this has been a journey since I first stepped out of my comfort zone and went to see about this back in March. I also came to terms this week with the fact that I do indeed have trich and I can’t keep pretending I don’t. What to do about it, though, I don’t know. I now have a tonic (I feel British) to put in my hair to stimulate growth. It is getting thicker and even though I can’t tell, it is getting longer. I now have to combat my problem so everything can work out. My stylist was so freaking sweet, I think she almost cried.

Today my mom and I dropped of my youngest brother at the recruiting station. We’ll be leaving before the butt crack of dawn to get to Ft. Sam Houston in the morning for his final ceremony and last time we’ll see him before he ships out to basic training. Unlike both of my other brothers, he is going to Missouri instead of Ft. Benning.

I asked last week for prayers for a few families, and if you could give a little something to either of these families it would be tremendously appreciated. Victor (Shartzer)’s hospital bill is not far away from $200,000 and keeps going up every day he remains in a coma in another country. The other day he actually opened his eyes and blinked!! He is showing signs of progress.

The Shartzer Family,

The Ford Family

36276662I was not around the blog this week. I don’t know what is wrong with me. My whole goal was to get posts up and running so I could come see you guys, but I just have zero anythings to do it. What is wrong with me? Ugh.

I also didn’t really start a new book until the end of the week even though I had ample time to get an entire book read before today. So I stayed up all Saturday night until like 5 am this morning reading My Lady Governess. There was some superfluous wordiness at times that bogged down everything, but overall I really, really enjoyed it.

I’ve decided to get rid of the “This Week” section in my Sunday Posts from now on. I will only feature posts from the previous week so you can catch up on anything you missed.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Plumber Here, Plumber There…Except At MY House!

  1. I hope you figure out the ear issues. As for the blog, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just busy. I’m glad you enjoyed the book you read. Anne – Boos of My Heart

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