Discussion: Returning to Reading

Returning to Reading

I am now two weeks into returning from my hiatus. I knew that would be a bit of a tough thing to do after being gone for two three months. It wasn’t too bad once I got started and into the groove of things with writing and scheduling, checking what’s left, drafting posts that aren’t quite ready to schedule yet.

I knew the hard part would be picking back up a book.

I stopped reading entirely mid-March. I just could not bring myself to even bother with everything imploding in my life. How? How is this possible when I LOVE reading? It has always been my escape from all the crap and shit in my life, which started at a young age. How could I turn away from the one thing I always turn to in times of stress and crazy events?

I don’t even know the answer. All I can think is that my anxiety level was so high, I just couldn’t.

Now that I am moved (again) and fully settled in except for a couple of very minor things, the bullet journal process is smoothed out, and I’ve gotten the blog up and running again, I decided I was ready to tackle books again. I left off not far into what seemed a promising book.

And I was scared.

Was it that I didn’t want to give up any more time from the things I was already doing (bullet journal, blog, TV, games)?

Was I in a slump and that’s why it was so easy to give up books?

I still remembered the premise of the book and what happened so far, which wasn’t much. So what was the deal? It wouldn’t be hard, I told myself.

I had to slowly, methodically choose a time for reading. A time in the quiet hours of the morning or night to put down the phone, turn off the TV, and just cuddle in with the first rays of sunshine beaming in or the occasional headlights flitting by.

I had to fall in love with reading again.


Have you ever fallen out of love with reading? How did you fall in love again?

7 thoughts on “Discussion: Returning to Reading

  1. I’m a mood reader and I go through days or weeks where I don’t even want to read, so I feel you! When this happens, I pick my favorite books to reread! This really helps me get into reading again! 🙂 Hope you will get back into reading soon!

    Also, I don’t think you fell out of love for it… just on a short hiatus 🙂

  2. I don’t know that I fell ‘out’ of love with reading but I’ve had a few rough months myself this year. I haven’t been in the best place mentally so the heavier reads I love have dragged out and made me not want to pick up lighter reads. What finally broke the slump for me was going on vacation (finally) to a place I love where I can relax – and where I had not much to do but read thanks to being on some fairly hefty movement restrictions for where I was.
    I’m glad to hear you’ve fallen back in love with reading – it’s always nice to know that it’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready to fall back into it.

  3. I’ve definitely had a dry spell going this week. I’ve barely picked up a book. I think when life gets crazy (back to school time is hectic, even when I’m not actually teaching anymore), I shut down and can’t handle reading for some reason. Hope you get back into it soon!!

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