Sunday Post ~ Summery September

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The school week itself was long days again, but I do so enjoy the kids I have this year. With two sections of yearbook, it breaks up some of the monotony and repetitiveness of the day. My morning yearbook class is like a wild child, and my afternoon one is so chill. It’s interesting.

I was surprised to discover that our master writing teacher was looking for me one day after school to see what I had done because my kids that she teaches now were going on and on about various things that they already had learned in my class last year, and she wanted to learn a little from me to continue teaching in that same vein! That is validation. 🙂

Friday night was also the first school dance, and my yearbook kiddos ran the photo booth as well as going out and providing coverage. There was a phenomenal dance-off that lasted quite a while, and I got some really good shots of that. One of my smaller students apparently got through the crowd to be right up front to get photos, too. We’ll have a lot of stuff to look through next week. Sadly, we have a camera that is damaged and are now down two point and shoot cameras after returning one that was borrowed last year (unbeknownst to me until the end of the year).

While everything at school is going well, things at home are not. When I pulled out of my drive Friday morning at 6:30, there was a for sale sign in the yard. It had not been there the night before. I’m a tenant and have not received any notification of the impending sale. It’s pretty damn shitty to sneak over in the middle of the night and place a for sale sign in the yard so you won’t be seen. Saturday morning the man and I looked up the listing and it stated that all of the plumbing and electrical has been replaced, and that is not true at all. I will be calling the realtor this week to have a conversation because he/she could also suffer legal repercussions for going through with this sale.

Not only do I hate moving, but all of my grandfather’s house is boxed up in the carriage house still. This prompted a conversation with the man, and we had already discussed my moving at the end of this school year to his area, but now the timeframe may be moved up drastically. The only problem is I’d have an hour drive each way every day and driving the toll roads (roughly $15 round trip). It would be a hell of a lot of money, but roughly the same amount I am currently paying in rent and utilities. I feel very stuck about it all.

~ Last Week  on G1000W ~

As you can see, last week was pretty slim. It is exhausting having to force myself to leave work and then bringing work home that I still don’t finish. There is no time left to go around.

~ This Week on G1000W ~

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    • Cover Characteristic ~ Desks
    • Review ~ The Money Tree
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  • Tuesday
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  • Wednesday
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    • Famous Last Words #15
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  •  Friday
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~ Reading Now~

Seriously, you think I read something? Still nothing. All I’ve been reading are emails and SPED paperwork. I am seriously concerned about my reading health.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Summery September

  1. Wow! That sucks about the rental house. We own a rental house and I’m trying to rack my brain about all the steps we have to take to put it on the market with a tenet in it. I know we have to give a 6 week notice for a change of status which includes putting it on the market. And that’s even if we’re in a month to month setup and not a set term. I know some is specific to our lease but some is also state law. We live in different states but it might benefit you to contact a lawyer just to see what your rights are. But it definitely sounds like good riddance to the landlord! What a jerk! That’s great about the other teacher! I can see how validating that would be. Hope next week is fantastic!

    • Yes, Katherine, there are specific state laws that have to be followed. I have reviewed the property code laws before and peeked at LLT laws but do not know them extensively. I’m sure the realtor would be interested to know that the plumbing and wiring in the house have not been updated as their listing states. I do need to contact an attorney to fully understand my rights and how I am protected. My LL has refused to respond to me since January (about installing a deadbolt – state law for renting), so it will be interesting.

  2. What a great compliment from the other teacher! The dance sounds like it was a lot of fun. I hope you got some great photos! It’s too bad about the camera situation though. That’s a bummer. We paid for my daughter’s year book this past week–although it won’t be out until next spring, I’m sure. LOL Figured we might as well reserve a copy. I hear they run out fast.

    I hope the call with the real estate agent goes well. That is a really mean thing to do, put the house up for sale without telling you. And then to lie about the condition. That’s very underhanded. Moving is such a pain. I hope it works for you. Maybe they won’t be able to sell the property until you are able to find something more suitable–or wait until the end of the school year.

    I hope you enjoy the week, Charlie! Take care.

  3. Wow good for you on the teacher thing- you must be doing a great job with those kids. Hopefully things calm down and your hours can get back to normal. And that does suck about the landlord- what a jerk. Best of luck with that, and moving does suck but that landlord sounds like an idiot.

  4. Glad things at school are going well. But the house …. what the heck is that about? That’s so shady. Did you talk to the people you rent from? I mean, don’t they need to give you notice? Jeez. Hope you get it all straightened away. Have a great week!

    • My landlord has refused to do anything since January. He was supposed to come back and fix a light (that had sparks coming out of the fixture and switch) and have the deadbolts installed. I got a “I can’t handle my life right now” type of response. He never came to do either of those things.

  5. Oh, I’m sorry about your rental. Having to up and move, and so far away. Hopefully, they will back off. Sounds like they were trying to put one over on the realtor, too, with talk of improvements that hadn’t happened.

    Good news about your students singing your praises, though. That’s a good feeling.

    Enjoy your week…and I hope it all goes well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Funny, if anything, I would expect morning classes to be more chill simply because it’s morning and no one is awake yet lol. But how awesome that the master writing teacher wanted to learn from you and keep teaching those things!

    But wow, I’m so sorry about what’s going on with your house. That is awful of them to sneak over and put it up for sale without even talking to you. Best of luck getting that situation figured out :-/

  7. Oh how horrible of your landlord not to let you know in advance. Perhaps the house will sell as an investment (and you can stay there) or not at all!

    I’m glad school’s going well though and what a nice compliment to have other teachers looking at what you’ve been doing! Congratulations

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