Sunday Post ~ 1 Week Down, 39 to Go!

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The first week of school is over. Thankfully I did not have any emergencies, but we did have our first fire drill. I went over the policies and procedures stringently with my students and I also shared pictures of “teacher life” and bits from my life. The second morning of school I had an incredibly sweet and thorough message from a parent about how his child could only talk about my class and went into great detail and said some other nice things about me. This is the kind of connection teachers hope to make with their students and to ignite a passion within them to learn. I have a lot of siblings this year! Twice I almost called two boys by their older brothers’ names because I taught them, too. I think this was my best first week of school yet, even though I wasn’t mentally ready and the room also wasn’t fully ready.

In general, these kids are so well-behaved! I have one class that is 22 boys, but this wasn’t the class I had to break up a bromance in! I also have a student tell me “Thank you” every day when he leaves. I know his mother and have been with her frequently at events in our district. I have some students this year that just make my day.

There were two days this week I was at school 12 and 14 hours. It made for a very long week, but I have finished up all of my first-week teacher responsibilities. Every year I do a social experiment before I make seating arrangements, so I’ll be looking at the results and assigning seats this week. I also already had administrators and instructional specialists and another teacher in my classroom on the first day and when I launched our unit on Thursday.

Did I mention? On top of teaching two preps of language arts and creating and building a yearbook program, I am also the UIL Coordinator for my campus. It’s going to be a busy year!

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~ Reading Now~

Honestly, I need a free 24 hour period to just get up on my reading. I showed my students a bar graph of my reading since I started using Goodreads in 2012. Compared to the last two years with well over 100 books, and it being basically September and I’m coming in at only 40 books, I doubt I will break 100 this year. My kids think I can do it, though!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ 1 Week Down, 39 to Go!

  1. Glad your first week was good! Those are long days and I have a lot of respect for teachers! It’s been so hot here and I feel for the teachers, I’m not sure their little fans are gonna cut it but I guess they survive some way or another. It sounds like you have some nice kids in your class.

    LOL at new arrivals.

  2. I am so glad to hear that things are going well for you at work. It must be such a pleasure to hear a student thank you after every class. I hope things continue to be smooth sailing for you at school. Have a great week!

  3. It sounds like your school year has gotten off to a good start. 🙂 That was so nice of the parent to reach out to you like that. I need to send an e-mail to the supervisor over my daughter’s swim instructor to say how much we like the instructor. I don’t think people do that often enough, and it’s good to know you’re making a difference.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of this week and enjoy the weekend!

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