Thoughts on Thursday: GIF Ready

GIF Ready 

I have been bad about Thoughts on Thursday. The last one was in September. We’ve gone almost all of October without one, even though I have plenty of ideas I’ve written down. It’s just been a busy month, but I’m working on bringing them back!

A while back I used a GIF in one of my posts. And then there were none. It was like a threw out a nice juicy steak on my fishing hook and reeled it back in speedy quick.

Truth is, I didn’t know how I did it. I couldn’t remember. Then I was struggling to find out how to do it again, and when I figured it out I used them last week in my review of Acts of Violence. Not too bad, eh?

Turns out it was super easy. I just wasn’t using the correct URL!

At first I was using the page URL. I realized quickly that was wrong because it would just link to the page.

Then I used the URL for embedding, which you would think would work (since it does for YouTube), but it just put a link in my post where the GIF should have been.

At this point I was stumped. Why were my GIFs not showing up?!


Yep, I looked pretty much like Gru.

Then I had the light bulb moment. I thought about how to link using a picture’s URL, so I tried it and viola! I had to right click on the GIF and copy the GIF URL into my media form.

That was it! I was so frustrated that I didn’t know how to do this, especially since I had done it once before, and now I have it down!

What does this mean for you as a reader and viewer? 

Um. More GIFs! I am still working out how to find the GIFs that fit in best, so please don’t eyeroll if you can think of a better one than I used. It would make me sad. 😦

I could use some suggestions on how to refine my search!

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