What In The Actual…

If you read my Sunday Post, you’d know something BIG was up in my life. You know, involving my home.

Today at lunch I received a disturbing text from my landlord. I’m calling him out – without calling him out.


In January, I asked for the deadbolts to be installed on my doors. I got a very flippant response that he was too busy but would have them installed. This is a state requirement for landlords in Texas. It is non-negotiable. This I do know. As a female living alone – next to a convicted felon who had a felony warrant, no less, that my landlord LIED about – it is imperative for safety reasons. There have been several times I have questioned the security of my home.

I asked again monthly until May to no avail. Five months, plus the two years he has had the equipment, is plenty of time to have the work done. My felon neighbor has several deadbolts on his doors that were provided by my landlord. (Aside: My light fixture and switch that had sparks shooting from them was also never taken care of.)

I have never had this issue before, but my residence cannot be entered without at least 24 hour notice. I contacted the realtor, who of course was out and never called me back. Today I had students staying after school as it was my tutorial day. Students stay until 5 PM. There is no way I would be home by 5:30. I walked out the door today after 6 PM.

Once I got my students started after school, I called the realtor. Again. This time I actually got her. And she started getting huffy with me. 

Oh. No. She. Didn’t.


This is basically how the conversation went:

“You were supposed to be notified over the weekend.”

“Well, I wasn’t. I was notified less than six hours ago. I have a pet who cannot be crated for medical reasons, so I must have advance notice to make arrangements for her as well as to secure my personal property. I am an educator and work most days until 6 and 7 and 8 PM.”

“You’re side is not being shown today. The inspector will have to get in during the day, though. They don’t work evenings.”

“I’m aware of that, but not without prior advance notice so that I can make arrangements per the law.”


Y’all, I was REALLY getting heated. She was acting like she was trying to be accommodating, but it was clear this was not what she expected nor wanted and I was throwing a wrench in her plans. She made a point TWICE to say she already had a key to my side of the apartment. Why would she say that after telling me my side was not being shown?

I almost called the police department to show up at my house at 5:30 and deal with anyone who was trying to enter my residence unauthorized. I still will if things are not followed to the T. I will be meeting with one of my parents who is a realtor to find out what I need to know.


What do you think of my landlord’s behavior? What would you have done in my situation today? With this shady business already, would you continue to live here under the new owners?

11 thoughts on “What In The Actual…

  1. Oh my goodness. This whole thing sounds ridiculous, and I’d be not just angry but legitimately upset and stressed out if someone tried to pull that crap on me. But maybe the new owners would be better? They might not know what’s actually going on, but I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this :-/

  2. Jaysus, what a freaking liar! I know those type of messages al too well. Contacts gone my ass. He was able to drive over to plant a sign in front of your house, why not leave a note, ring your doorbell (not in the middle of the night) etc.? It’s too bad that if you move further away, you have to travel that far and pay that much money, but I don’t believe I would’ve stayed there either. Safety first.

  3. Um, no. I wouldn’t live there anymore. And I might seek legal action against the landlord. What a putz! Seriously, Charlie…you meet with the parent/realtor and then see if you have a parent who is also an attorney! It’s not right for you to be living under these conditions. :/

  4. Safety first, I’d get out as fast as possible. I can’t believe they’d lie that much and risk your safety, before blaming you. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  5. DO what you need to do to feel safe. Also keep records of everything, like those texts. If your state lets you, try and record your phone calls, if not do this and write everything down afterwards. If you need to take these people to court, which considering the number of illegal things that have been done you have every right to do, this sort of stuff is important. Do you still have copies of the deadbolt requests? Save them.

    If you can/want to, have some sort of camera thing installed to catch if the realtor comes when they are not allowed to. Since the landlord seems not to be doing his job, maybe contact the realtor and have them inform you of when she needs in your side.

    You are already doing the right thing by knowing the law and clearly indicating that you do. Continue with this and be calm, be patient, but also take no Sh!t from them.

  6. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this. I would move to another apartment if this environment is not safe for you and your landlord should have told you from the beginning that you would be living next to a felon, which he shouldn’t have let stayed in the apartment in the first place.

    If you want to take this to court, I would advise you to keep the text messages he sent you regarding the situation and any documents he gave you about the apartment, that way you would have evidence against him that he wasn’t doing his job as a landlord.

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