August Chit Chat

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August News

The man and I took two day trips the first week of August to Corpus Christi (Texas State Aquarium and U.S.S. Lexington) and Houston (The Natural Museum of Science and Houston Zoo). With everything going on with his department, we didn’t make any plans because we fully expected his vacation to be cancelled. We kind of missed out this time around. Next summer! 😀

You guys probably noticed posts have been going up but I have been MIA in visiting and returning comments. That’s because I have been back to work since August 8. Besides teaching and managing my ten-ring circus that is yearbook, I am still teaching my normal subject…with a new partner. I think I was a little spoiled and in tune with my old one, and she left me for a younger crowd (2nd grade). This year has brought a learning curve actually teaching yearbook, setting the program and the staff up from the start. It’s like a rebirth since there has never been a real class. Send prayers and care packages, please! I also was asked by my principal to be the UIL Coordinator for my campus, and I agreed. It pays a little more than coaching two events, which require me to stay even longer at school (15 hours per event). The coordinator does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work and most of it is paperwork, which I am good at – and can do from home!

As far as reading went this month, I didn’t get hardly anything done. I’d be surprised if I read more than 100 pages.

August Reads

These *were* supposed to be the books I finished in August, but I didn’t finish any of them! 😦

Average Rating:
Pages Read:
Favorite Book: 

Noteworthy Posts

August was a mishmash of a month. I spent any free time keeping the blog up and going and trying to comment back, but it was still woefully overwhelming. I still didn’t get up all my posts every week and didn’t really create new content.

The most popular post of August was my Top Ten about Book I’d Buy Now, with last month’s July Chit Chat close on its heels.


Visitors & Search Terms

August brought 1560 pageviews with 259 likes and 199 comments. Not too bad considering I wasn’t around for half the month.

Visitors were varied across the world and I was surprised at the peak in numbers in certain areas, like Kenya and Belgium.

As for search terms this month, most were “unknown.” That stinks! But I am still getting some of the same attention for Harry Potter and one interesting book…

harry potter and the goblet of fire – Is still a good book no matter how many times you search!

book review of harry potter and the philosopher’s stone on book review circle – How do you become a part of this book review circle? I’d love to join!

scrap book about human evolution – Um, yeah! I don’t think I’m qualified to keep a scrapbook on the human evolution. Pretty sure I don’t pass the security clearance for that. 

Challenge Updates

Not a whole lot has changed hear with no reading happening. I feel August was a failure. I’ve upped a few discussion posts and I might squeak by to accomplish my challenge on that for the year. I finished out Summer BINGO and had nothing for August BINGO. I hope September and Fall BINGO cards fair better.

September Reads

Let’s just not even think about this, alright?

4 thoughts on “August Chit Chat

  1. I can imagine reading and blogging has been a struggle! You’ve got a lot on your plate! I get the most boring search terms. 95% of the time it’s a book title or looking for a genre. If you get into the book review cycle let me know! Also if you know what a review cycle is I’m curious!

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