Sunday Post ~ The Week That Started An Eclipse and Ended a Hurricane

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This week has been smooth sailing. I still have relatively small class sizes (except my two co-teach classes), and these kids are fairly well-behaved. *knock on wood* It’s been a good week except for the entire staying late thing. I was at school until 7:00 or later each night except Friday. Monday was the solar eclipse – the first across North America since 1979. Our district did not allow students out to see it, but I popped out at lunch and during my conference. It was pretty cool! We were not in the path of totality, we only saw about 70% coverage. It didn’t get dark, and the temperature only dropped to 89 degrees.

Friday Hurrican Harvey started rolling into the Texas coast. It was reported as a category 2, then upgraded to a category 3 and everyone started freaking out. The evacuation of the coastal areas turned the 4-hour drive into 8-9 hours to arrive inland. It is like the repeat of Allison that hit Houston in 2001. It was only a tropical storm, and it was the first to have its name retired. Harvey was expected to stall once hitting landfall, and that plus the intensification is why it is so bad. Friday night it was moving at 8 mph.  Right before hitting the coast it was upgraded to a category 4. Where I live, people were acting like we were getting the hurricane hit. We live 3 hours inland. We were being told to expect extensive flooding with 21″ of rain hitting the Austin area. My parents had a tornado watch in effect Saturday morning.

Louisiana already declared a state of emergency, and Texas was in a state of disaster. TXDOT sent crews to the coast starting on Friday. My brother’s group went down Saturday. The Task Forces were also activated.

I braved out Saturday morning to fill my car up. It was eery – no one was out and about. The gas prices had already jumped 30¢! As of 1 pm Saturday at The Man’s, we only had strong winds and rain, enough to fill the dogs’ pool a couple inches. The Man has strep so he’s grouchy and not feeling good, but he prepared us. I doubt we will lose power, he is convinced we will, but if we do there is plenty of water for us. Just to be safe, I ate waffles and drank most of my milk Saturday morning. 🙂






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15 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Week That Started An Eclipse and Ended a Hurricane

  1. Both sides of nature in a single post. In 98, a total solar eclipse happened where I am. It was awesome. Hurricanes…sigh…being in the Caribbean, I’m in their path every year and the season seems to get longer and longer each year (climate change), so I don’t envy you. Stay safe.

  2. Seeing the photos from the Hurricane are so sad and frightening. I used to live on a flood plain and I know how quickly the waters can rise. I hope you continue to stay safe.

    I was aware of the eclipse, but we didn’t even try to see it. I am glad you got to at least get a glimpse.

    I am also glad to hear you like your classes so far this year. Hopefully the kids will remain well-behaved for you. 🙂 We found out which class my daughter will in this past Friday. She was sad to find out none of her friends are in her class, but she’s still excited about meeting her new teacher and making new friends. Fingers crossed it goes well tomorrow!

    Take care, Charlie! Love to your dogs. 🙂

    • It is heartbreaking. People were tweeting out their addresses to get rescued. As much as I one day want a beach house, I don’t think I could deal with the entire scope of what that entails – like a hurricane. There will be little relief as Harvey moves back offshore and hits land again. 😦

      I am excited about these kids, even my little behavior friends. They are just nicer. Not going to lie, last year I had two classes that had so many kids that had evil and ugly souls. We’ll see what these ones are made of – their first test is Friday! I’m sorry Mouse isn’t with her friends this year, but she will definitely make new ones. Makes for better sleep overs! 🙂 I hope her first day is LEGENDARY!

  3. Your babies look so cute:) I’m glad you’ve not got hit hard by Harvey. They are saying it will move off the shore and come right back over the same area. I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and our gas prices rose 14 cents today. I expect it will go up another 10 cents or so until they start pumping oil again. Stay safe!

    My Sunday Post

    • Yes, it is supposed to hit again tomorrow. Today there was no rain throughout the day, but I also drive 80ish miles north from where I was all weekend. The worst is not done, there is more to come. I bought gas last Thursday night and went out Saturday at 8AM and gas had increased 30 cents. It will continue to increase since all the offshore wells are shut down, as well as the refinery in Houston.

    • Yes, and it will get worst still. However, I am very disappointed that the national news coverage is ONLY focusing on Houston. Rockport and Port Aransas, where the hurricane hit, are a 100% loss and 8 lives lost there. Victoria County was also mandatory evacuated and Cuero was also flooded like Houston, as well as Smithville and areas of Bastrop. The Colorado River is nearing peak record at 56 feet. My uncle said the Lavaca River will flood the Halletsville courthouse.

  4. Yikes! I’ve seen the news about hurricane Harvey. It’s terrible. I’m glad you’re okay.
    Here in the Netherlands we are lucky. We don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes.
    Have a great week and happy reading!

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