Chit Chat – August 2017

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August News

I did not get any of the new jobs I applied for, so I was forced to go back to my district. I was dreading it so much, but with our principal retiring and our AP moving up, it wasn’t a mixed bag of how the year would start. It’s been really, really good. I am sad and disappointed that they took all my PreAP classes away from me, but my class sizes are smaller (except for my co-teaches – which should be THE smallest), and I think we have a great group of kids this year. Seriously. We had a fire drill on Friday in the class right before lunch and they were silent as could be standing out in our lines outside.

My dad is doing better. He has recovered from his heart attack and is back at work. They are still trying to find the right office for him that is closer to home or his job. Otherwise, he’ll have to take the entire day off from work to do his cardio therapy. That means he’ll only be working 2 days of the week and that’s not good.

My baby brother is a senior this year. At the beginning of the month (actually while my dad was still in the hospital), the football coach called my mom for a meeting. He really wanted TJ to play. He played last year. TJ went to about two weeks of practices and then went in to tell the football coach he did not want to play. He doesn’t want to risk an injury (like both of my other brothers – knee injury and broken elbow) for baseball season. The coach was disappointed, but I was impressed he wasn’t a jerk to my brother about not playing.

August also brought the solar eclipse – the first to pass over North America since 1979. We got about 70% and I’m glad I went out and watched it. At the end of that week, though, disaster struck my great state of Texas. Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas coast as a category 4 and brought massive destruction and flooding. FEMA, the Task Forces, and National Guard were activated, and we also had crews coming in from other states. There is already billions in damage, and lives lost. Please keep Texas in your prayers.

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August Reads

I had wanted to read a few more than this, but I finished two NetGalleys and the audiobook that finished my Audiobook Challenge. I got started on a fourth book.

Average Rating:  4.3 stars
Pages Read:   622 pages
Favorite Book: The Hiding Place

August Posts

0abf9b9e-b7ac-4d59-b451-7eb7c64ea1b9_zps47hi5hueSunday Posts 

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Top Ten Tuesdays / Teaser Tuesdays 

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WWW Wednesdays / My Favorite…

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My Bullet Journal Posts 

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book-blogger-hopBook Blogger Hop






Visitors & Search Terms

August – 881 views

I still have not recovered from my hiatus. Last year I was hitting 1,500 monthly views every month. This year I’m doing good to reach 1,000, which only happened in January and March. I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to the viewing I had before. It makes me sad that I worked so hard to return and be active…and a large portion of my viewers no longer keep up with me.  No search terms this month.

Challenge Updates

September Reads

I had planned to finish two of these in August…but that didn’t happen. So I need to read all four of these this month!


How did your summer end? What does the fall have in store for you?

11 thoughts on “Chit Chat – August 2017

  1. Glad your dad is doing better and hopefully he can find an office closer to home. That’s great about the coach not being a jerk to your brother! I’ve known enough coaches to know it could go either way and it’s great that this one actually seems to care about his players and not just the scores. I’m glad to hear this year seems to be going so well and that you have a good class. I can’t believe they were that quiet during a fire drill! Seriously impressive!

    • We had some ugly coaches a while back, but I honestly don’t keep up with my hometown coaching staff anymore. They change more quickly than ever before. I was glad my brother didn’t suffer through all season, not wanting to really be there. Usually, that is what he will do. The coach told him he was disappointed, but he needed to do what he wanted. They were silent as a peep! Everyone commented on it later that day. It was great!

  2. So happy to hear the great news about your dad. I can’t even imagine what Texans and now Floridians (and every other island country in Irma’s path) are going through. I hope your dad continues to get better and stronger.

    • He’s having some pain and has an appointment this week, but I hope he continues to do what he’s supposed to and improve. Those poor island nations – there is virtually nothing left of the ones that have been in Irma’s path. I hope Florida’s impact is not as bad as what we had in Texas, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case. Such devastation.

  3. I’m reading The Hiding Place with my junior high language arts class this year, so I’m really excited to see that you enjoyed it so much—I’ll confess that I was feeling a little bit like I “assigned” the book to myself, which was making me less excited to read it. LOL!

  4. Sorry I’m only visiting your wrap-up now! Been having a crazy month.
    Hey, I wonder how many views I have. I normally don’t check my stats so they don’t make me depressed about it 😀
    I hope September is treating you well 🙂

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