WWW Wednesdays (Aug 23)


This is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words. To join in answer the following three questions and hop over to Sam’s and leave your link.

What are you currently reading?

cover85978-medium I started in on the last book in the Treasured trilogy by Kendall Talbot. Treasured Dreams wraps up the trilogy and brings more action and adventure. Nox still gives me the heebie jeebies, even more now.

When Rosalina discovers a devastating family secret, the world as she knows it is shattered and a madman from her past reappears. 
Rosalina’s love, Archer, finds a clue to a treasure stolen during World War II—but when Rosalina is kidnapped, he must either comply with Nox’s demands that he find the treasure, or risk his life to save her. Archer, a man who knows what he wants, won’t stop until Rosalina is back in his arms.

Everyone believed Nox was dead, but somehow he survived the latest attempt on his life. Now this dead man walking is out for revenge—and there are still so many on his list.

I didn’t do any audiobook listening this past week, so I haven’t made much progress with The Hiding Place. I need to finish this one and find out how it ends.

 What did you just finish reading?


Saturday I finished Without Borders. The ending was not at all what I was expecting and tied things up too neatly, but I enjoyed the brigade adventures through the jungle and the Nicaraguan people. The friendship between Annie and Marisol is strong even after so many years apart. Marisol has a medical condition that plays a part in the storyline – and it’s how she and Annie met at all. Marisol’s brother Felipe, the leader of the brigade, has mixed feelings about Annie. One night after being ran out of a village, everything changes.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I am still holding out hope that I can finish one more of these before August ends. Next month I’ll finish off the other two and start on my fall list. That will round out my Alphabet Soup challenge!


 How about you? What are you reading this week?

Leave a comment with your answers! Share the link to your WWW Wednesday post OR leave your answers in the comments if you don’t have a blog. Happy Reading! 🙂

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