Sunday Post ~ The Christmas Edition

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I feel like last week was a heavy post. I am very much the introvert and I very much bury my head and isolate myself. It helps. I pointed out to The Man that I have always been that way since I was 10 years old and going to be put on a jury stand to testify against a family member (who ended up being falsely accused and part of a “witch hunt” for lack of better word). It destroyed my family, I lost my best friend, and I was left to my own devices – my books. While my work partner externally explodes, I internally combust and I share my thoughts and feelings with a rare few, so most don’t even realize there is a change in me, and if they do they just think I have a lot on my plate. Which I do….and then some.

I am so thankful to Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight and all of the contributors for #ShatteringStigmas who share their stories and struggles with mental health, as well as Meggy @ Chocolate’n’Waffles. Their posts and encouragement and just talking about their lives has been so helpful for me. I finally worked up the courage to see my doctor about medication. I ended up seeing his nurse, which I think turned out better for me anyways. I feel I was able to open up more easily to her. I am nervous and perhaps a little ashamed but happy and optimistic that it was a successful visit and even though it’s a hard thing to admit and handle, it was a positive thing for me to do. I scored high for anxiety and also depression, which surprised me, but then it also kind of makes sense. By the time the spring semester starts with kids, I will be well into half a month and I hope to see a marked difference that helps me. When I go back to see my doctor in January, I would like to further discuss social anxiety.

With that, it was a really good week – besides the spikes and drops in my sugar numbers. I’m starting to wonder if I am like my cousin and my body produces insulin at the wrong time. I’ve started tracking what I can in the Health app for Samsung. I like it, but it is tedious!

On Monday, I took 19 of my top young authors to one of our feeder elementary schools. They worked in small groups and were the top 7 folktale/fairytale manuscripts accepted for publication from our PBL and they went to read to 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade classes. They felt so empowered and important! It was great to see. I also got to see one of my ELA peeps. I had her son last year and he struggled with adjusting to middle school and the whole friend dynamics changing and making good choices. We had some buddy chats throughout the year. By far he is an awesome kid, and his mom told me on more than one occasion that little C told her “I don’t want any part of that. Ms. Anderson doesn’t play.” She said he is doing AMAZING in 7th grade and she knows it was because I was his soft place to land in 6th grade. I felt so wonderful hearing her say this and thanking me for being her lifesaver for middle school life.

The Man took the detective test on Tuesday, too. He completely threw it, and I’m really not sure why. I think the entire City vs. the police union thing might be part of it. He didn’t study the two books that were the material for the test, but it also included 60% that is policy. He needed to score 70 or higher to be placed on the promotion list. He scored 65. Granted, that’s 65 without even trying at all. He definitely has a better idea of what the test is and how to study for next time. You know, in two years when it’s offered again. Doh!

I was actually very surprised that we didn’t have as many students absent on Tuesday as I had anticipated. Perhaps sending that little reminder last week that we were taking our unit test gave parents pause for thought? Wednesday was our early release day and I am glad to be on the first leg of Christmas break!

The Man and I will celebrate our FIRST Christmas TOGETHER!! We have been together for 3.5 years, and last Christmas was the first time he revealed the depth of how he felt. I mean, it took him almost 10 months to just say he liked me! He is originally from the Boston area, so he takes off the entire month and goes back home to be with his dad. Last Christmas he sent roses with a card that said “Love, The Man” (OK, it really said his name). I pretended the entire holidays I didn’t get the card. 🙂 When the new year rang in and the time officially changed on the Tower of the Americas, I told him I loved him. He has been very poo-poo about my small to-do about Christmas and the tree and decorating. He left it to me, but I know he’s trying to make it a good Christmas. He’s been hiding quite a few packages in the closet! I am just excited to celebrate. I looked for a 2017 ornament to mark the occasion, but I couldn’t find any in the stores I liked. I started a preliminary search online, not really hoping to find much, but I found the PERFECT ornament for us. I’m over the moon about it!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and many blessings!

I did a horrible. I gave in and just went to peruse my auto-approvals on NetGalley…and ended up taking 8 new books. I did the horrible awful! :/ I forgot to mention in the last couple weeks’ posts…I read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with my Impact class. They LOVED the book and my dramatic reading. I also forgot to add it to my Goodreads…so that puts me one book closer to my goal! I also finished The Christmas Cowboy Hero. It was really good! I’m sad to have to put away the Christmas reads, but excited for my (old) list of books for the new year!

I’ve been brushing up on a few posts and trying to get all my ducks in a row for the end of the year and the new year.

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    • TBD
  • Tuesday
    • Top Ten Tuesday ~ TBD
    • Teaser Tuesday & Intro ~ A Season of You
  • Wednesday
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    • My Favorite ~ Thing About 2017
  • Thursday
    • Famous Last Words #38
  •  Friday
    • Book Blogger Hop ~ 12.29.17


16 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Christmas Edition

  1. My son has some serious social anxiety and has lots of support for that. The last time we did a family therapy session the counselor turned to me and asked, “What about you. How are you doing?” That’s when I realized I should probably pay closer attention to my me. I know I have anxiety and depression. I just figured everyone did and I’d deal with it my own way. Now I wonder:)
    That ornament is lovely and I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas!

    My Sunday Post

    • I’ve wondered that myself over the years, especially after a friend had panic attacks later in our college life. I think I’ve had anxiety to some degree my entire life, especially social anxiety. I think mine just comes off in the vein of RBF. I am glad your son has such great support. My partner at work has been extremely supportive and I don’t think I could have made this decision without her support.

  2. *Hugs.* If you’re going to take medication for the depression/anxiety, make sure you give it time to work. It can take several weeks before you feel any different. I know a lot of people get frustrated and stop taking it before it has a chance to work. I hope you have a great Christmas!

    • Yes, the pharmacist said 4-6 weeks for full effect. I don’t plan to stop taking it unless my doctor decides on a medication change. I’m sure when I go in January, I’ll be told to come back in 4 weeks or so for another check-in. I hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. So much going on this past week, Charlie! I hope your meds will help, and that you will already start seeing a difference before school starts again… Even if it might take longer.

    Merry first Christmas with The Man! That’s awesome 🙂 I hope you’ve both enjoyed it so far, and that you’re creating some beautiful memories together.

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.

    • I am hoping the meds help, too. I’ve seen the drastic difference in my work partner, so I know the positive outcome I can hope for. I loved spending Christmas together! It was a great day. I hope you and your husband enjoy your trip to Hawaii!!

  4. First Xmas together is pretty special. I hope the day is perfect for you both.
    Glad to hear you asked for help and got medications. I started on anti-anxiety meds a few months ago and it has made a world of difference for me. I have been on anti-depressants for a long time. Every time I try to take myself off it doesn’t go well. I need them and I have come to terms with that.
    I’ve been trying to get my ducks in a row as well for next year. I am thinking about adding Level 10 to my bujo. Have you heard of that? Do you use it at all? I plan to add ‘blogging’ to my level 10 and maybe post about it. Maybe.
    Anyways, have a great week!

    • It was fun! We “helped” the dogs open all their presents and then we opened ours. I was mystified by some of them when I first unwrapped them. They had to literally be unpacked to figure out what they were! It was a great day and we cooked together. I loved it. I’m glad I went through with my decision for medication, too. I’ve said I was going to do it for months and then when the time came, I shied away from broaching the subject. I’m only on one that works for both, and so far things have been good. We’ll see how it works out when I return to work. I am sure I have had anxiety all my life, both general and social, so I’m OK with needing one for that. I’ve heard of Level 10 but I don’t know how it works. Last year when I did bullet journals in the spring with my yearbook kids, one of them did their own kind of version of Level 10 but they couldn’t explain it to me.

    • I am too. It was something I didn’t want to face because I guess I was raised in an environment that viewed mental health negatively, as a weakness. I’m struggling with coming to terms with my own interpretation and acceptance. I am so in love with that ornament!

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