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I think Friday the 13th came a little early for my students. We started our novel unit, and their assignments for it are on Google Classroom. For each chapter, they open the attached Google Doc. complete the work, and turn it in. They must have been thinking I was either extremely stupid or I wasn’t going to check their work. I returned EVERYONE’s chapter 1 and chapter 2 work except for 5 students. We had a come to Jesus about turning in straight up trash, which I told them was what World Cultures teachers had said the week before and canceled their Chromebooks. If the book told you there was a red glow and the red glow was a fire and it’s the middle of the night, and the question asks you what probably caused the red glow, do not tell me it is the sun. Then they were telling me characters died and they did not! They thought they could get away with it. Some still have not turned in assignments we did 3 weeks ago now. I got a lot of failing friends whose parents got progress reports Friday night. Happy weekend, sixth grade!

Our department meeting was canceled last week, which I am grateful for. And apparently our yearbook shirt this year is a HIT. I opened it up for teachers to purchase, and orders and money have been rolling in.

The Man has been extra attentive this weekend. I guess he has gotten over whatever it was about his injuries that he wouldn’t talk to me about and realized he hurt me. We had a lazy Saturday that ended in the first time we’ve taken the dogs for a walk since the end of July. It’s funny because we say we’re going to the park, which has a lovely trail (if they’d keep the place mowed), but we haven’t used the park in almost two years since The Man’s dad came down the first time because of the increasing number of snakes we kept intercepting. Instead, we walk in the neighborhood kind of behind it. All the houses are craftsman style and look like cute gingerbread houses. We do a huge loop and circle back to the park for water, but we still call it going to the park even though we don’t walk in the park. Cera and Baby walk on a coupler, and Cera kept wandering off like she always does and then they would end up clotheslining The Man from behind. I also thought we were witnessing someone robbing one of the expensive houses facing the golf course because it’s pitch black and this guy is running full speed down the sidewalk from the house. Turns out he was just a weirdo that lived there and runs to his car like that all the time.

My (still married) brother is in Houston for clean-up from Hurricane Harvey. He said it is miserable driving a dump truck down the streets because it is so tight in certain places. He also said he almost ran over a kid who ran out in front of him to run across the street to McDonald’s. The Man and I were talking about it, and the first thing out of his mouth was “Darwinism” – which is exactly what I said when I was told. If you don’t know not to run out into the street in front of a huge dump truck, Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. He did relay to my mom that any time they ask for volunteers to go to Houston, he’ll go every time. He is getting paid 24 hours, round the clock, and it will be good for him to be away from the situation at home and be doing hard and meaningful work. Time to be by himself.

And my middle brother – the one stationed in Hawaii – is coming home in early November!!! His military contract is up. He has reenlisted and will be sent to Kentucky, but he gets a reprieve between and gets to come home for a while. I also have to explain adulting to him – specifically how car loans work. He is so delusional about how adulty things work.

Today The Man and I are going to the pumpkin patch. This year there is one in our town, so we don’t have to drive two hours just to get to a good one with activities for adults. And this year we ARE going to get to the carving part! Last year we picked out a beautimous pumpkin…that sat in the living room until The Man threw it out in November. This year we are going to carve! … I hope he knows how to carve. Last time I did that I was seven. And my mom did it.

My haul from last weekend’s Texas Teen Book Festival. I thought I got every single book signed, but I found about five were not. 😦


And now my bookshelf looks like this:


I am speeding my way through Heat It Up from NetGalley. I will finish it and plan to write my small backlog of four reviews on Wednesday because I have taken the day off for appointments. When I finish this NG book, I’m on to two recent ones I downloaded. And then I’m moving on to Christmas reads, including the nine new NG books I downloaded last week.



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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Friday the 13th

    • They’re thinking their teachers don’t look at it since it’s turned in on the computer. At least, that’s my thought. I really need a taller and wider bookcase. Cera has gotten to two books (that I know of – I think The Man hides them to keep her out of trouble) and destroyed them. I just need my own room for my bookcase and desk and things. You know, in a new house. 🙂

  1. I loved Geekerella and Dumplin’!

    It’s funny that your students thought they could get away with those answers! Wow.

    I hope the rest of your weekend has been good!

    • I am so excited to read Dumplin’ after hearing her speak at TTBF. She was the light of her panel!

      They all know now. They’re like “I turned that in” and I just look at them and say “It was returned” verrrryy slowly. The entire class knows that means they turned in straight up trash, and the kid will say “Oh. I need to do my chapter.” LOL!

  2. I graded some tests this weekend, and several of my students failed, too. With my oldest students, we’re reading animal farm, and I have a couple of students who apparently haven’t understood much of what we’ve read so far. I hope they’ll get better, as they’ll have to write an essay about it on their semester exam in December.
    I’m sorry some of your books weren’t signed – even if they still look really good.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    • We’re reading Trouble River, which is very straightforward. They think they can turn in junk on the inferencing questions, and even some of the questions directly from the text with the answer in the book. The majority are straight up lazy and want to rush. These kids would poop their pants if they had to write an essay for a test. It’s a big reason I want to leave education. There is an insane amount of spoon-feeding and dragging kids to the answer. I can’t fix the problems of them not knowing how to read, not meeting rigorous, higher-level questions because they are on a 2nd or 3rd grade reading levels. The level of connection is not there with that level of comprehension and thought processing.

      I thought I did so well getting them all signed, checking them. I don’t know how I missed so many books!

  3. Sorry about your students, some parents really need to get on their kids to do homework and pay attention.
    The best part of my day would be watching that guy run to his car. I love people like that lol I am drawn to weirdos.

    Have a great week, Charlie! Enjoy the Haul! Vengeance Road is FANTASTIC! 🙂

    • Some parents need to just be parents – talk to your kid, check the backpack, pull everything out, look at it, do it, check the emails, send you kid to fix low grades or work they didn’t do because they were absent. Seriously, it is not different than when they were in kindergarten. I legit don’t understand what their self-imposed struggle is.

      That guy was running like a friend of mine, so I could tell he was flat-footed. It was just so bizarre. He needed that whatever in a hurry!

  4. haha I can’t believe that our students actually thought that they would get away with that. Glad a lot seems to be going on well for you and your family. Have a lovely week ahead.

  5. Oh sorry to hear about your students. Hehe They remind me of myself when I was their age. Haha Anyway, I hope you enjoy your books this week. Have a wonderful week. 😁❤️

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