Review: Red Dust Runaway


Title: Red Dust Runaway
Author: Eva Scott
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Release Date: June 2017
Length: 248 pages
Series?: no
Genre: Contemporary Romance

One jaded rock star. One sheltered classical musician. One hell of a red dust road trip…

Sheltered, coddled, gifted, Iris longs for something more than practice and performing. She wants to rebel, break the rules, have a hot affair, fall in love — to really live before happily committing to her classical music bubble. But her strict parents and her stricter schedule keep her confined to her gilded cage, even as she yearns desperately to be free.

Super star, successful, and sick of all of it, Kit just wants to stop. Stop the touring and the recording and the media and the bickering with his band mates. After two years on the road, he’s coming apart at the seams. He has to slow down, calm down, clear his head — to really think before recommitting to his rock star lifestyle. But his manager and the tour schedule keep him locked to his super star lifestyle, even as he rages against the confinement.

A chance encounter in a car park leads to a snap decision and an enormous risk: suddenly Kit and Iris are on an extraordinary road trip together across Australia, making their own choices, breaking all the rules. But reality is chasing them more quickly than they can know, and soon Kit and Iris will have to decide whether they are just running away — or running away together.

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my review

The Skinny

Christopher “Kit” Edwards is a massive rock star and burnt out on his band’s two-year tour and the hostile bickering. Steel Cutt has been a success since the Major discovered him as a teen, but he is beyond burnt out and fading fast as an individual, falling into the classic trope behaviors most associate with rock stars and fame. At the start of a two-week break with only promotional appearances, Kit decides to run away and return for the final shows. When he sees this beautiful siren in the parking lot loading up her car, he takes the chance she’s not a serial killer. As it turns out, they have music in common. Iris Harrington has lived under a rock her whole life, being domineered by her father’s engineering since she came to live with him at age eight. She’s walked a tight rope her entire life and has let her father plan out her future. She practices her violin six hours each day and is socially awkward.

She’s an introvert, and he’s an extrovert. Together they travel across Austrailia sight-seeing while Kit is hiding in plain sight. Iris has no idea who he really is, and he has no intention of cluing her in. It is the downfall to his great joy ride that requires the intervention of his best friend, Mick, to set to rights.

The Quote

 How did you go about waking up a grown man in the middle of a nightmare?

The Highs and Lows

  • The Plot. I loved the overall plot of Iris and Kit running away from their lives. They are both running from their own personal demons: Iris is running away from her father and his control over her, and Kit is running away from Steel Cutt, hostile band mates, and the domineering Major. When they meet in the parking lot, Iris is clueless about who he is. Ironically, I don’t think she’d really care about his fame and fortune and wouldn’t treat him any different knowing who he really is. They are both find their own way, growing up, and starting to take back their lives – and they’re doing it together.
  • Kit. It can be hard to make a rock star relatable, but it was easy to feel sympathy for Kit and understand his situation and why he desperately needed out. The Major uses his contractual obligations to keep him tied to Steel Cutt and all the promotional events he has overscheduled for them. When his father was dying, the Major refused to let Kit have time. He never got to be with his father, and then he died. His anger and rage are understandable, and then add in wildly jealous bandmates who create hostile environments. Music was his passion, and now it is quickly working to put him six feet under. He has pain every day and is popping pills and drinking himself to oblivion. Even then, he can’t sleep with the anxiety and pressure. Anyone would want to run away. With the Major’s constant threats, Kit is ready to quit Steel Cutt.
  • Iris. She is so far removed from reality, it is sad. Her mother died when she was eight, forcing her to go live with her father who was living his own life. He runs her life, directing her toward ambitions and mile markers he has set out for her. Anything less brands Iris a failure. She has spent her whole life training on violin. She never had friends – she doesn’t even know how to make friends! It is a sad, lonely life that she is starting to realize in her young adulthood. With the help of a neighbor and her Nan, Iris seizes something new and doesn’t look back.
  • Mick. I felt equal measures of love and guilt for Mick. He has been with Kit since they were teens. They are the best of friends, and despite what the Major threatens and spews, Mick always has his back. Mick is a fantastic guy and one loyal dude. After taking off with Iris, Mick is in hot, hot water with the Major. His own job and livelihood are on the line, and Kit has no regard for that. He does his best not to help Mick out with at least something to give to the Major, and I felt bad for him. But true to form, he is an incredibly loyal friend and intervenes for Kit. Man of the year right there!

I thought this was a cute, light, fun read. I flew through it rather quickly and enjoyed the journey of Iris and Kit. Their trip and travels take them all over Austraila and help Iris come out of her shell. I loved seeing her progress and stand up to her dad, and as the trip wore on I could feel the anxiety and stress Kit was trying to ward off by keeping silent on his true identity.


Eva Scott writes contemporary romance set in her homeland of Australia and historical fiction set in the Ancient World. Her books offer passion and adventure in some of the most beautiful and intriguing places in the world. Her heroes and heroines are strong, sassy and ready to rise to their challenges, and learn a little bit about themselves along the way.

Having lived overseas in Britain for several years, Eva returned to study Anthropology before heading off to live in Papua New Guinea for a year. There she met the love of her life, author G.W. Gibson, who was stationed there with the Australian Defence Force. The rest is history, romantic history.

She now lives on the Redcliffe peninsula with her husband, small son and an assortment of animals. When Eva is not writing she enjoys mentoring first-time authors, cooking up a story, practicing yoga and getting out on the bay on her stand-up paddle board.

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