Top Ten Tuesday: Most Vile Villains

Top Ten Tuesday

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Most Vile Villains

This was a really hard list to compose. There are so many good villains, but I was struggling to think. I think I was on the struggle bus. Or I might have been driving it. Either way, here is my underwhelming list.


Ryan – Shackled

Ryan is the head honcho, let there be no mistake. He gets his strength from maintaining a manipulative, controlling, abusive relationship over Lucy. Ryan is a pretty, rich boy who takes an instant liking to Lucy, but things soon start becoming too much when Lucy is Shackled. This is a very good book to use to teach young ladies about manipulative and abusive relationships.

Jonas, Cameron, Mrs. Smythe, Aunt Masterson – Undaunted Love

This crew of mistfits masquerading as high society is the absolute worst. Throughout the series they are so awful that you would think someone would do something about it, but nobody does. What I really could not get over was Ms. Smythe treating Clarissa the way she did – and her father doing nothing! Aunt Masterson is also an evil, conniving plotter and abusive relative. Jonas is an evil, psychopathic and abusive husband and needs to rot in a hole with his friend Cameron, also a psychopath, stalker, and rapist.

Vespian Jones – This Crumbling Pageant

He even has an evil sounding name. Vespian is the tutor of the MC’s brother. Growing up, Vespian was vehement in his refusal to allow Persephone access to education in his classroom. Horrible rumors abound about Persephone stealing her twin’s magic in the womb, and she has such an incredible power no one knows how to handle it. Vespian wields a power similar to hers and is threatening to use this against her beloved society and the throne of the Magi. Except no one believes her, leaving her no choice but to take matters in her own hands when thrown in his way. He’s just nasty evil. The kind that turns your stomach.

Ivy and Arianne Munroviel – Hearts in Exile

The title is so apt. The hard High Priestess mother puts her own daughter put on trial for saving Igrorio with her newly found Spark from Mother Inessa. She has a sister that would just as soon stab her in the chest to get what she wants…and essentially, that happens in the novel. Ivy and Arianne Munroviel tell all that Loralee is dead. How much more cruel can you be?

Sitis – Love Amid the Ashes 

I abhorred Job’s wife. Sitis was an Ischmaelite princess – and worshiped the idols instead of God. In many ways she is portrayed as an extremely selfish woman, so it was hard for me to accept her love for her husband as real. A person that selfish couldn’t possibly love somebody else. Several characters kept pointing out that Job’s downfall was his punishment for taking Dinah into his household, but the entire time I kept thinking about the actions of his wife, which toward the very end of the book is called to attention. This was a book I went out on a limb to read and was nothing close to my usual, and I really could not stand Sitis.

Satterfield – The Earl’s New Bride

Simon’s friend and semi-host who never questioned Simon’s innocence, and very much a self-proclaimed bachelor. He is titled in his own right. It wasn’t ever said outright, but I feel he is oldere. Satterfield was a bit of a snake, I didn’t like his character in the end because he made out to be all innocent of his trickery and deceit, and I didn’t like that. He was a villain that received redemption and his crimes glossed over and forgotten.

Missy – Scream

She is such an ugly character all the way through. She taunts and tortured fellow classmates. She is a legit bully.



Who are your favorite villains? 

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Vile Villains

  1. I absolutely agree about Sitis, the only one of these I’ve read, so I’ll trust your judgment on the others. 🙂 I am curious how you were going to finish your sentence at the end of the paragraph about Love Amid the Ashes. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

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