Feature Follow Friday ~ December 23, 2016

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Best Villains

I recently did this post for Top Ten Tuesday, so I’m going to change things up a little. Since that was a listing from books, today I’m going to do a listing from some of the best childhood movies! 🙂


Cruella De Vil


It wasn’t until I was older (ahem, a teen) that I actually looked at how her name is spelled and noticed “cruel” and “devil” made up her identity. While I was a little slow on the literary draw, I didn’t miss out on the fact that she is a whacked-out character and she did scare me as a child. Glenn Close’s rendition and reincarnation was on point in the live action remake of 101 Dalmatians.




Not only did the man’s voice give me the heebie jeebies, but his mannerisms did, too. He was a nasty, vile character and I thought poor Cody was going to die every time I watched The Rescuers Down Under.



Was it just me or was there a whole lot of hypocrisy on Frollo’s part? The scene with the fireplace and his delusions of Esmeralda was a very interesting and telling scene. Perhaps he had his own gypsy children somewhere? Regardless, Frollo freaked me out. Even as an adult I have gone back and watched and that scene at the fireplace unnerves me. Was he of sound mind, the Minister of Justice in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?


Madame Medusa


Medusa is aptly named. She is also a frightening character. If she were a real person doing what she did, I fear for any child walking home. Any one of them could be snapped up by her to go find her precious diamonds. She is some kind of crazy in The Rescuers.




As an adult I recently rewatched The Little Mermaid. This was one of my absolute favorite movies as a child, so much that I broke the VHS by watching it so many times. I don’t know how I was not freaked out by Ursula as a child, because watching again as an adult scared me a little. Even her alter-ego Vanessa was evil!




I think the best villain of all just might be Simba’s uncle, Scar. He is so sinister in each scene, even his voice (Jeremy Irons). Scar will always be in my top of the top of villains. The Lion King would not be the same without his betrayal.




Beethoven’s 2nd revolved around Beethoven finding a mate in Missy, who had puppies. The Newton kids find them and care for them while Regina (Missy’s owner) is out to get her rightful property. There are a few scenes in particular that resound with her nastiness. She’s not a woman you’d want your child in the same room with, to say the least, let alone your pet.


Which TV/film villains made your list? 

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