Sunday Post ~ The Quiet Week

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It was a relatively quiet week. We went on walks every evening with Baby. We did run into the cutest poodle out with an elderly couple. The man kept yanking on the leash for the poodle to get on down the road, and she kept running back to look at Baby. Finally she just laid down in the grass and waited for us to approach. It was so comical, you’d think she had been trained for a movie!

I took my very expensive swimsuit back to the store. I’ve only worn my top twice and the wire punched out of the right cup. I was very huffy and pissed. The seamstress could fix it, but it will not be repaired with the same colored materials as the suit. Turns out that particular company has had A LOT of issues with their underwires. Considering how much I paid for the damn thing and bought so recently, I didn’t have to pay for the repair.

My brother bought a house. They signed the papers at 9:00 Friday morning and weren’t given keys. A friend called and reamed the realtor out and the owners and 30 minutes later my brother got a set of keys. I have never heard of that. When you sign for the house, you get keys unless the owners have a future move-out date.

Saturday morning my younger twin cousins turned nine and had a swim party. The man went with me and met a few more on my family tree.

I didn’t get a lot of reading done this week, but I slowly made some progress. I’ve got to kick it up this coming week.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Quiet Week

    • I am so bust-heavy that it is difficult to find swimsuits. I finally decided this year to take the plunge and buy one with the proper support. Of course, they’re imported. The Europeans know how to do it correctly!

  1. Here, signings usually take place 3-6 months before people take over the new property, so not getting keys at the signing would be natural.
    I’m glad you had a more quiet week, Charlie, it sounds pretty nice! I had a nice week, too, only grading and correcting that had to be done 🙂
    I hope introducing the man to more of your family was nice! It’s always a bit nerve-wrecking, don’t you think?
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    • Wow. That’s so far in advance! Unless there is a specified future move-out date (30 days is normally the max), when you sign all the paperwork you are the owner and receive keys. I think my brother just chose a less-than-stellar realtor. It was very nerve-wracking. He didn’t seem very comfortable being out of his comfort zone, but he was a good sport.

  2. Sounds like a good week! I love taking walks and we don’t do it nearly enough. It’s such a nice time to decompress and talk without a million distractions. That’s so weird about your brother! With both home purchases I’ve been involved in we were given the keys at the signing because that’s when the property transfers. That’s why they call it a “Closing” because the deal is done. Good for the friend that called the realtor out on that. Have a great week!

  3. I am glad you were able to return the swimsuit. Congratulations to your brother on his new house. We didn’t get our keys right away for our first house, I remember. We were really anxious about it too since we were in an apartment at the time and had to be out the next day or pay to stay longer. Luckily, it all worked out.

    I hope you have a great week, Charlie!

  4. Oh Charlie, that’s terrible that you had problems with your swimsuit so soon after buying it. They should definitely pay to fix it too!

    It sounds like you had a bit on this week so less reading is understandable.

    Hope this next week is a good one!

    • I was pleasantly surprised that the store charged it back to them. The manager told me she’s even called the company to talk to them about their underwires but they’re not so interested. How nice is that? Customer Service award of the decade! lol

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