Sunday Post ~ Bye Bye Bunny

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This week was my first week out of school. I’m still not used to it. I spent the majority of the week doing two things: playing my games on my phone (which is only a recent occurrence) and working on some blog posts. I’ve never been one to keep with a game on my phone. After a while I stop playing and then eventually delete it, so this is an interesting development. I didn’t get hardly any reading done. Whoops!

This week Baby actually caught a bunny. It was one of the bigger ones that hang around the house. She cornered it between the old doghouse and the fence. I think it was trying to find the hole to get out of the yard and just didn’t find it fast enough. I’ve seen them run right past their holes to run to one of the corners of the yard to exit. The man has joked that Baby wouldn’t know what to do with one if she ever caught it, and he was right. She grabbed it, dropped it, and then just looked at it. I was mad and sad. It only had a little nick on it’s front leg that was bleeding, but died from the internal injuries from when Baby bit down. I buried it. That night and the next day Baby was so mad at me. She didn’t want to be anywhere near me and even refused to eat her food and her treat from the man the next morning.

Then I had my best friend’s son for the day. He screamed all the way home. I turned around about halfway and he was out of his carseat straps. I exited the highway, pulled over, turned off the car and marched back there and got in his face. He’s old enough to know he’s supposed to wear them, and he takes them off when he’s mad. His mother had talked with him just before we parted. I made him get his straps back on and tightened them up. After that I didn’t have any problems with him getting in his seat or putting on his straps.

We played quietly for a few hours and Baby loved playing nanny dog. She is really good with him. Then we went to the bookstore. He was very good, and wanted to push the little buggy. He didn’t touch the millions of toys they had (why does the bookstore have a toys section?!) and when he’d get a book to look at, he’d put it back on the shelf. Then we went for lunch. He stayed on his side of the booth and ate and talked and watched all the people coming and going. If he spilled his juice, he reached for a napkin and cleaned it up. Afterwards, we went to Cabela’s and walked around looking at all of the animal exhibits. Whenever we’d pass the really big moose or any of the bears, The Turkey would yank on my hand to pick him up because he was scared.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Bye Bye Bunny

  1. I’m so sorry about the bunny. 😦 I still remember when my dog got a hold of a bird. Ugh. A screaming kid in the back of the car I know well. My daughter can’t undo her straps yet, fortunately. She doesn’t have the strength. When she’s in a regular booster seat and wearing an actual seatbelt, I’m sure it will be different though. Sounds like you had a nice time with your friend’s son despite that rough start!

    I hope you have a great week, Charlie!

    • Yes, I wonder what he will do when he gets into a regular booster seat with seat belt. Eureka! I’m starting to think Baby wants her own little thing to take care of. She’s already gotten a baby bird she kept trying to take from me.

  2. Poor bunny 😦 Kids are so rough with animals until they learn better. The seat restraints thing is a scary issue. My kid can’t take his off yet but I’m sure that day will come and it will end up being just another battle heh.

  3. Sometimes you just have to decompress and play silly games and blog…nothing is good. Hopefully this week there will be reading…lol Awe, and the bunny story is sad. My dogs use to bring us mice. They would catch them and drop them by the here, this is my share towards feeding us.

  4. My dog caught a squirrel one time – she had the whole squirrel in her mouth with just the tail sticking out!! My husband pried her jaws opened and we were shocked to see the squirrel run away at crazy speeds! I guess I don’t know if it died later, but it sure seemed okay in that moment!

    You posted a LOT for the Summertime Challenge – I’m going to go check out some of those now.

  5. Quite an uneventful week with so many lovely posts. Sorry about the bunny.

    Have a great week ahead. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  6. That’s rough about the bunny. My cat caught one not too long ago and she did know what to do with it. I’m not exactly sure if that’s good or bad. It was over quick for the bunny but it was still pretty awful. The afternoon with your friend’s son sounds like fun! I don’t know why there are toy sections in bookstores. I wish there weren’t. The big bookstore in town has an ever growing toy section and it’s hard to get my 6 year old to look at the books because he’s distracted by all the other crap. Have a great week!

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