Sunday Post (July 20)

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I have been sluggish all week, and a little lax in my reading, to my detriment. I cannot seem to get myself back to my normal sleeping schedule, and am up all night and sleeping in very late in the mornings. I had a house guest this week, my oldest’s cousins daughter, who stayed with me because big brother went to off to camp and she can’t go until next year, so she stayed with me!

I went to see my grandfather at his nursing home/rehabilitation facility. I talked about his fall in this post, and his recent situation in this one. He has had a visit home and I think it made a big difference to motivate him. He will be moved soon to a third facility and actually have a roommate, and the new place will be doing more physical therapy with him on his legs. He has gotten past the pain, and is now eating (hallelujah!!), they supposedly took out the feeding tube (although it didn’t look like it) and he is being more of a funny man and social butterfly and seems more “with it” (now that he is all of a sudden off all the medications I discussed with my uncle (POA) and called an ethics conference about). I’ve never heard him cuss (besides “damn it”), and I heard it the first time last week, and it was hilarious. I’m concerned that he doesn’t want to get out of his bed, but hopefully with this new move (and out of “Comfort Care”) he will be. We will be doing some updates on his house for when he comes back home – because that is what we are working toward. For a long while, we were constantly told he was going to die, and most of our family wanted to bring him home. My oldest brother will be living with him when he comes back home, which we hope is within the next 6 months (me, I’m hoping for 4).

Summer’s drawing to an end and that means, back to school for me!

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I have been trying to reign myself in and be more selective in the books I choose to download onto my Kindle, and I think I can say in the last few weeks I’ve been doing a fairly good job at that, which is why this section has been sparse since then, but here are a few of the more interesting (at least to me) books I nabbed this week:

16033231 20343893 21021091 22672897

Around Town in the Spotlight

I read Charlotte’s post about the banning of three pro-LGBT books, and she raised a very valid point. Public libraries are a place of reference, information and sources. For those who seek information or reference about LGBT, there is little available…and with the banning of these books (with more to follow, I’m sure) there is even less information available. 

Do you feel it is right to ban books just because a group does not like them? (Or of course, banning them at all…)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Post (July 20)

  1. Oh my gosh, my heart goes out to your grandpa. Mine had a fall this week and cracked his head. He’s okay, but has 10 staples. Scared me to death. Hope you have a great week.

  2. You’ve had quite the week, that’s great news about your grandfather though less great about your disturbed sleeping pattern :-/ Hope it will get better soon!

    My Sunday 

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