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This week has again been crazy, and now that the year is winding down, the pressures of packing up my room are mounting and I am going a little crazy with all of the end-of-year demands at school. To date I have moved 17 times in the last seven years, not to mention mini moves and moving into my classroom. Needless to say, I HATE moving. I abhor it. It is now so overwhelming to me that I get slight panic attacks about just the idea. I had my kids pack up five boxes of my classroom library books, and of course took home two large stacks for summer reading. I have one more box earmarked for my teaching books and binders, and everything else is going into tubs. Then my worry will be the “thieves among us,” as my principal has been very apt to point out over and over. It’s really sad that I work in a profession where we are teachers and role models to the young and colleagues go around stealing belongings from someone else.

On top of all of that, my grandfather was supposed to have his last test done (upper and lower GI tract), the feeding tube removed that was put it only a few weeks ago (and through which they are only feeding him Ensure shakes at the minimum daily nutritional need) and moving him into Comfort Care for his last days. It is heartbreaking to see someone who I have always seen active and vital all my life, who could cut or bale hay in 110 degree weather every summer, who I looked up to and had to look up to (literally) relegated to a hospital bed because he can’t make a comeback from his broken femur and surgery (in mid-March). He has been in two rehab facilities and had at least two trips to the ER (that I know of) because of a fall and then later for retention in the bladder.

Our PawPaw is to my first brother what my grandmother (his wife) was to me. She died in 2003, and our PawPaw will most likely before summer’s end. He wants to come home, but my uncle and his wife (who have medical and financial power of attorney) are refusing to let him come home and set up hospice, even after telling him just a few days ago when he point-blank asked that he would be coming home after his latest test (upper and lower GI, which was all good). They lied right to his face, again. (Tangent: these are people who flaunt that they are Christians and do God’s will. They are not true Christians in any way, and have shown that numerous times throughout the entire ordeal, they are just on the self-righteous bandwagon.)

When the time comes, it will be my brother needing to be carried out of the funeral home because he will be unwilling to leave my grandfather’s side, just as I was unable to leave my grandmother 11 years ago. It is killing my brother, who blames himself for the fall, thinking he could have caught my grandfather when he fell, but my brother was on crutches from his surgery (cracked bone fusing to tendons, result of a ruck march fall two years ago!) in his foot. Please, if you pray or are spiritual in any way, send good thoughts and love for my family. We are in a desperate time of need and love. And perhaps a good strong reckoning.

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Around Town in the Spotlight

First things first! I have loved seeing everyone’s BEA posts! I really want to go next year. Thank you for sharing.

Second…. I am on the high, the crack of being a teacher… IT IS SUMMER! I packed up my classroom AND moved what I was allowed (our filing cabinets and big furniture will be moved for us) into my new room, which has lovely green walls. If I didn’t have to keep everything packed for summer cleaning, I would have gotten to cracking open those boxes and setting up house on Friday. Now that it has sunk in, I am like Olaf and am cracked out that I have the summer to DO things.

So go get these books for SUMMER!

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Giveaways All Around!

I noticed that last week’s giveaway listing contained a few giveaways that had ended by the time of the posting. I’m sorry! (Imagine that with a Canadian accent – don’t ask me why, I’m from Texas, never been to Canada, but my friends started making fun of me in high school for saying it Canadian.)

As a result, I will *try* to let you know the giveaway ending date, give or take a day, in case you want to prioritize your time entering giveaways because we all have endless hours of time on our hands. (I know, I hate it when my principals make these references, but for once I get to use it!)

Ends Today!

Unknown End Dates

Ends This Week (6/9-6/15)

Ends Next Week (6/16-6/22)

Ends The Following Week (6/23-6/29)

Ends the Following Week (6/30-7/6)

Ends Later In July

New Arrivals to Land of 1000 Wonder

On Monday night I went a little crazy – OK, a LOT crazy – and downloaded or requested books on the first 250 pages of Featured books on NetGalley, plus all my normal freebies I pick up. Needless to say, I raked in hundreds of books. BUT even better – I got a hella LOT of rejections for my requests. I was bothered, because some were really good books I WANTED, but I had to tell myself it was meant to be and it was probably at least 100 books I didn’t have to download. (My total of downloads still came to over 10 full pages on NetGalley.) I know. I have a problem. I don’t lie! I’m not in denial! More books! (OK, seriously, somebody is going to have to stop me at some point.)

BUT! BUT! BUT! What excited me the most was this nice little present from Candace. I won a giveaway over at Candace’s Book Blog, and this arrived in the mail. I was so excited about it, and giddy opening up the package. So cute and very thoughtful. Thanks, Candace!

I also received an ebook of Protostar, also from a giveaway!


And then I got another book, Camelot Burning, also from one of Candace’s giveaways! I love this book, and apparently so does Baby! She has been wanting a lot of momma-baby time lately, which is sweet since when we first rescued her (Sept. 2012) she was very much D’s dog and snubbed me majorly. Last year she warmed up to me, since I was home a lot. I think she can sense that I will be home with her again for the summer. Perhaps I will read Camelot Burning to her. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Sunday Post (June 8)

  1. I’m really sorry for all your family troubles, I can relate to some of them *big hugs !*
    Thanks for sharing all these info and please give Baby a caress for me. Have a great reading week 😉

    • *Southern drawl* Oh, why thank you!

      Do you hear that people? Julie Valerie says I’m a rockstar book blogger! 🙂

      The Sunday Post takes A LOT of time – I don’t even want to contemplate how much. I do know that it is horning in on my reading time and time to make other bloggy posts…so it might get downsized a bit, or I’ll need to find a more efficient way to go about it.

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