Review: Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions

I am glad to share Aldo Fynn’s Prince Iggy book today here in the Land of 1000 Wonders! The covers are quintessential of daydreamers.

Title: Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions
Author: Aldo Fynn
Publisher: BOA Press LLC
Release Date: November 2013
Length: 161 pages
Series?: Prince Iggy (#2)
Genre: Children’s Literature/MG, Fantasy
Format: e-book
Source: Mother Daughter Book Tours

Find the book: Website | Goodreads | Amazon


Prince-Iggy-and-the-Tower-of-DecisionsIggy and his friends set sail for the Rose Kingdom. But Iggy isn’t sure if he has what it takes to really be a prince. Well, he’s about to find out…

When the Lucky Rose 2 blasts off into space, Iggy meets the Rose Star and literally has an out-of-body experience. And that’s just the beginning. His adventures include confronting a hungry shark face-to-face, dancing in a live-or-die talent competition, and battling a blue dragon with very clean teeth.

And when Iggy finally makes it to the Rose Kingdom, Queen Victoria refuses to give up the throne. If Iggy wants to become ruler of the Rose Kingdom, he must enter the Tower of Decisions. Only problem is, very few people make it out alive…


Will the real Iggy please stand up? 

This book continues where the first book (read my review for it here) left off. Iggy and his band of Rose Kingdom subjects – friends of his father – are setting off for the Rose Kingdom on the Lucky Rose 2. Iggy is still doubtful about his place as prince, more so when he meets the Rose Star, who is bored.

The Rose Star and Iggy strike a bargain, and Iggy’s semi-friend Clarisse (from the Naysayer Academy) makes her way on board the Lucky Rose 2. From an out-of-body experience, Iggy gets to see Clarisse interact with a much more exuberant Iggy…and a full-of-himself Iggy at that! This new Iggy is quickly getting on everyone’s nerves, so the crew and the real Iggy decide on some reverse psychology trickery. I must say, I was not prepared for how Iggy wheedled his case so convincingly.

Once in the Rose Kingdom as the real Iggy, the evil Queen Victoria refuses to relinquish the throne. She suggests the two of them let the Tower of Decisions decide. Iggy’s father went through the Tower to determine his character as a future ruler. The only problem is, most who enter the Tower of Decisions do not come back out…ever.

Inside the tower, Iggy must complete or pass several challenges – including a dragon! – and make it to the top to ring the bell to be the rightful ruler of the Tower of Decisions. Besides knowing few make it out alive, Queen Victoria has some tricks up her sleeve to ensure she stays the ruler of the Rose Kingdom…but will they work?

*****About the Author*****

AldoAvatar2Aldo Fynn enjoys writing wacky, fantastical stories. Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer is his debut novel. It’s the first book in theAdventures of Prince Iggy Series. He’s also written two wacky, laugh-out-loud picture books. He lives under his desk and promises he won’t come out until Book 3 in the series is complete. Which is a shame because his desk is based in Los Angeles, where it’s sunny and 70 degrees most of the year.

Find the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

6 thoughts on “Review: Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions

    • Hi Vonnie, I’ll have a teacher discussion guide for 3rd – 5th grades on my website in a couple of weeks. My publisher partnered with a middle grade teacher to develop guides aligned to Common Core Standards. There’s also a parent guide. If you’re interested in the series, please consider leveraging the guides and let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Vonnie, they will definitely enjoy the Prince Iggy books! Fynn has written a great cast of characters (I loved the witch, professor, captain and poet). They are good for inferencing and predicting.

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