Famous Last Words #10

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words is a new monthly feature here in Land of 1000 Wonders. I wanted to find a new way to share some fabulous quotations from reads old and new. The inspiration for this feature came from the character Pudge in John Green’s Looking for Alaska.

is turning


Mike and his family live on a small island in Canada. And they grow money. It is a long processes that must be kept secret, so Mike doesn’t get out much. He and his older sister Daffy don’t get to have the normal childhood – no friends over, no sleepovers, no “Goonies never die.”

Instead, he has devised the perfect way to capitalize on the very phenomenon his sister is trying to prevent. While Daffy is terrified of hyperinflation, Mike has concocted a plan to keep a monopoly on each continent. Now if only he can get it rolled out. But how do you tell someone that your family grows a million a year in your backyard?

When David, the son of a former coworker from his father’s former days, shows up at the house unannounced, Daffy and Mike are unprepared and fear the worst. The Feds know. How does this guy know about their operation? While Daffy leaps into action with a vintage WWII gun she bought off a bully at school, her brother takes up the rolling pin and brandishes his own sort of justice in The Money Tree.

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