Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday

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Facts About Me 

I am named after my father and grandfather.

26107_376983722642_2371726_nI was born on my great-great grandmother’s 101st birthday. Originally I was supposed to be named after her, but my mother changed her mind and I now carry her maiden name as my middle name. Her sisters were thrilled when they found out.


I was near fatally bit by a baby copperhead when I was two. A plastic surgeon saved my life when I should have died. It was a major news sensation. I have scars in my palm from the fangs, and other scars all over my arm from various IVs and ports.

My kindergarten teacher told my mother I would fail first grade because I couldn’t read. We worked on Hooked on Phonics all summer. When I started first grade I was on a third grade reading level. I was so proud I could read the word “hippopotamus” and all the other words in my older cousin’s story anthology.

When my youngest brother was born I was eleven. People legit thought he was my child.

My freshman year of college my best friend since 7th grade and I discovered we were actually related.

I interned at IBM as a high school student. I ran one of their most successful outreach programs for girls.


Besides my classmates who entered the military, I earned the highest amount of scholarship money in my graduating class. Between my scholarships and intern money, I paid for my first two years of college.

I didn’t get my license until I was 22.

I grew up in a Sonic. Literally. So many hours of my life.



What are some facts about you? 


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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

  1. My brother was born when I was almost 13, so I totally get that. The age difference is kind of nice, though, as we didn’t grow up together, but I feel like he grew up with me in his life. 👍

  2. My sisters and 11 and 13 years older than I am. I always say I had the advantages of being an only child, the advantages of being the youngest, and now have the advantages of having sisters who are my best friends, something that happened when I was in my early 20s and we suddenly all became “about the same age.”

    • Yes, those with large age gaps (and no in between siblings) due get more advantages! Each year I make my students seperate into four corners of where they fall in their family line up of oldest, middle, youngest, or only. Some ask due to such an age difference like this or blended families, and I make them self-select where they should be. Then they discuss the commonalities about being that member of the family and share out. My oldest students always say they learn to be more independent, have more responsibilities with younger siblings, have higher expectations, and fewer “rights” in the household while the only children lament sibling jealousy and bossiness, more “rights” and fewer responsibilities. It’s interesting how we place things into perspective in our 20s!

  3. Fun stuff. There’s an 11 year age difference between my sister and I as well. And that copperhead story- wow! Bitten at age two- that must have been awful.

    I think phonics were pretty awesome and helped a lot of kids.

  4. Bitten by a copperhead – how terrifying! I’m so glad you came through it all right.

    I love how you carry your great-grandmother’s maiden name. There’s a tradition in our family whereby the eldest daughter gets the mother’s maiden name as her middle name. It goes back a number of generations; as my mother’s only daughter, I bear her name and my daughter bears hers. It sure makes researching our genealogy a little easier!

  5. This is hands down the most mind-blowing TTT I have read so far this week! I cannot even imagine, being bitten by a snake, and almost dying!? Holy crap! And I LOVE the story behind your name. And interning at IBM!? And the scholarships… jeez, you are one accomplished lady! Also, SONIC, I was so deprived, we got one here like, 5 years ago, max. Before then I’d only been to them in the south! Great post, thanks for sharing these!

  6. My daughter is named after family too. 🙂 I think it’s wonderful that you carry both your great- grandmother and grandfather’s and father’s names. I am so glad the doctor was able to save you! Do you have any memories of that experience? I bet your parents were frantic with worry. Would you believe I have never eaten at or been in a Sonic? There’s one on the other side of town, but I have yet to try it out. It just went in this past spring.

    It was fun getting to know you a little better, Charlie! Thanks for sharing!

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