Feature Follow Friday ~ July 15, 2016

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My Favorite Character Archetypes 

I’ll admit: I didn’t know all the archetypes, so I looked them up. There are twelve archetypes grouped into three sets: Ego, Soul, and Self. These are the original archetypes, but I also found this interesting list.


I am a romantic. There’s no denying it. I’m also a cynic. I try to be a realist as much as I possibly can, but I always have a soft spot in my heart for the innocent characters, whether it is a child or and adult.


I love a good adventure, and to have a good adventure you need an explorer. Adventures are fun and unplanned. You never know what to expect next. And you never know what you might discover about yourself along the way.


Rebels are so cool…except to the enemy. If there is a rebel, there is an enemy. Rebels can show up in all types of genres, from children’s books to dystopian, but I find they are most popular in YA books.


You know I’m a romantic, what do you expect? I love a good lover in any book, but especially the big bad macho guys and the rogues who think they are unlovable. Those archetypes pull at my heartstrings, as do the women who feel like duped fools. I’ll admit, I’ve been one, and it’s better reading about them than being one.

What are your favorite character archetypes?

2 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ July 15, 2016

  1. There are sooo many archetypes out there, I know I was pulling out all sorts of lists to narrow down what I wanted to say lol. Great picks!

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