Summertime Challenge: Other Non-Book Hobbies I Enjoy

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This is a summer challenge hosted by Parajunkee. It runs through the month of June and has weekly link-ups.

Other Non-Book Hobbies I Enjoy


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Jigsaw Puzzles

I am one mean, jigsaw puzzling machine! When I was younger (probably age 8-12) my grandmother would do jigsaw puzzles every so often on the kitchen table. I would love to help her. She taught me to always start with the border first and keep the box lid with the picture up as a guide. I remember putting together several puzzles with her, and many more later in life after her passing.

When I was in college, I found a beautiful jigsaw puzzle of Elvis. It was one major picture comprised of smaller, individual pictures of Elvis. He was my grandmother’s favorite artist, and she passed that love along down through the generations. When I had my first computer, I’d even play a jigsaw puzzle game on it!

My favorite jigsaw puzzles are the paintings by Thomas Kinkade. I love the colors and the stories his paintings tell. I own so many now it’s hard for me to know which ones I don’t have if find myself standing on the puzzle and game aisle!



Latch Hooks

Growing up, I would enter latch hooks into a summer contest. There were many categories, such as cooking, baked goods, photography, woodwork, art, etc. You were only allowed to enter five (different) categories and I almost always entered a latch hook.

I became very proficient and quick in using my latch hook tool and could finish a (small) kit in less than two weeks. I also liked the way they would turn out. If you followed the directions, you’d always end up with a nice product.

You can turn your latch hook into a cute pillow or rug. You can also mount it and hang it in a frame.

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I have always loved the water. I’m a Pisces, so it’s a natural element for me. Growing up, swimming was a part of summer life. In college, the trips to the pool were less frequent. Now as an adult – and no readily access to a pool – they are almost non-existent.

No matter how much time passes between swimsuit visits, you never forget how to swim. You never forget how good the water feels on a hot, summer day.


Horseback Riding

I have talked before of my very best gift ever from my grandfather after the death of my grandmother.

We have always had horses around. When I was very little, my grandpa bought Spider, a horse that was meant for all the grand kids to enjoy. He stayed with that horrible uncle I have mentioned before, and after my uncle’s divorce Spider came to live with us. He was a part of everyday life and a day didn’t go by that I wasn’t somewhere in the pasture with him, or hanging along the fence line feeding, petting, and talking to him.

And then my uncle got remarried and took Spider back. Spider then became his horse, whom he sold when I was in college.

When I was in ninth grade, my grandfather bought Red for me. I loved him as much as anyone can love a pet. My mother sold him at the same time my uncle sold Spider. It was not the most thankful thing to come home to at Thanksgiving.

I enjoy horses in general. They are beautiful and incredible creatures. I enjoy horseback riding. I wish I had the land and the money and the means to have a marvelous horse ranch.

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