June Chit Chat

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June News

I did not have to teach summer school this year! I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. The man was gone for the first week of June; I picked him up from the airport the first Saturday. I missed the guy so much I passed out on him after he fed me pizza. 🙂

My stepniece graduated kindergarten. This was a topic of conversation among the man and I and then my mother and I. Kindergarten and eighth grade graduations were not a thing when I was even growing up. I firmly believe this is in the vein of “everyone gets a medal” mentality. It is the expectation that all students graduate through high school, which is a cause for celebration for all those years of hard work. Why are we rewarding for meeting the expectation? This reinforces that sense of entitlement, which is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace with younger adults than ever before. Anyway, rant over. I went to T’s graduation because her mother doesn’t like me and I’m trying to make an effort for my brother’s sake…but y’all, it’s hard.

In the last year…ish, probably more, I’ve very much neglected all of the blog housekeeping behind-the-scenes that we all do on our blogs to keep things up and running and current. I know for a fact that I stopped cross-posting reviews over two Christmases ago, and I haven’t updated my review archives in probably as long. I’ve been slacking hardcore on getting posts prepped and new content written up. I have all the time in the world to get it done this summer, and that’s just what I did in June!

June Reads

Average Rating: 3.85
Pages Read: 2,160 pages
Favorite Book: Wonder

Noteworthy Posts

This month was very UGHish. I should have been extremely productive with the blog and it should have been my most-read month of the entire year. It wasn’t for either of those. True, I got more books read than usual, but it should have been at least ten.

Each Monday I was working on posts for that week, which never happens to me. I always have weekly posts scheduled at least two weeks in advance. However, I did dedicate a lot of time to a new challenge I did every day this month, so there is that.

I was pretty quiet in terms of discussion posts. I am just lacking in the creative content division. I did pin several helpful prompt examples on Pinterest, so I really should utilize those. I’ve also contemplated joining a non-bookish weekly feature in hopes that could help my mehness.

I did, however, get creative with a few posts, like…

Don’t forget your beach reads! I have TWO posts for those.


June Visitors & Search Terms

CaptureJune was very similar to May with 1,514 views. Fewer visitors, but more likes and comments than May.

I also found that I am getting more visitors from different countries. Brazil, Russia, Spain and South Africa! Wow!

And now for the search terms!

  • books with similar themes to dead poets society
    • Yep, yep, you can find those here!
  • mad – eye moody
    • Not sure you’ll find him here, but you’re welcome to look. I mean, there’s a thousand wonders, so get started.
  • commenting thoughts
    • Can you not come up with your own? I suck at it anyways, so don’t steal mine!
  • amazon kindle girl
    • Egypt extinguish boy. See what I did there? 😉

Challenge Updates

In May my challenges were not even on my radar. Although I made a bit of progress on a few, it hasn’t been phenomenal. Although June should have been my cash cow in terms of reading, it was a poor reading month overall.

I did discover a new challenge that has been going on all year long. With my half-hearted commitment to the NetGalley challenge, I thought it would be perfect to help motivate me in that area, so I joined Bekka’s Backlist Books Reading Challenge. So far this year I’ve already read 10 backlisted titles! Not too bad!

This month I also decided to take part in Parajunkee’s fun Summertime Challenge. I enjoyed it a lot and felt I really found some of my creativity with a few of the posts. I participated in the entire month-long challenge and posted for each of the days.

Find all of my Summertime Challenge posts here.

July Reads

Y’all, I dreamed too big. I didn’t finish all of these books in June, but I hope to finish them all in July. I can’t wait to clear out my Kindle!

9 thoughts on “June Chit Chat

  1. Yay to no summer school! I am glad you have some time off. I’m pretty sure kindergarten, sixth and eighth grade graduations didn’t exist when I was growing up either. Today in the district my daughter will be going to, they have promotions at those milestones–not graduations. I’m not sure what exactly they entail having never been to one. It does seem a bit much to have graduation ceremonies at those junctures–so, I fall on your side of the argument. Graduation really should be something saved to celebrate not only the completion of all those years of school but as a stepping stone into adulthood.

    I am glad you were able to do some behind the scenes work on your blog last month! I seem to be doing better at keeping up with cross posts, but I behind on updating my blog review links. I should do that soon. You got me laughing when you mentioned, “Egypt extinguish boy.” I hope you have a better reading month in July! I hope I do too, frankly. My June was pathetic.

    Have a great week!

  2. How lovely to have the summer off! I remember those days fondly… And I love that you read Anne of Green Gables; it’s one of my favorites. I’m amazed that you’re doing so many challenges, and doing quite well on several of them (look at that Goodreads challenge! you’re over half-way there!) Good luck with them, and I hope your July reading is awesome!

  3. It seems like you had an eventful month with all the challenges especially.Congrats too on all the countries. It is always amazing to see how far the blogs reach. I always say that my blog will take me to places that I will probably never physically go to in my lifetime. Have a happy and successful July and enjoy the summer off.

  4. I finished The Anne of Green Gables series in June myself. Amazing books and so glad I finally read these classics. Child me missed out on a lot. here’s to a great reading month in July 😀

    • I did enjoy it, Eva, but I found that at times it got a little slow and repetitive. It didn’t have quite the same feel as the other books, and I’m not quite sure how to pinpoint how it was different.

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