Thoughts on Thursday: Local Library Love

My Local Library

My Local Library is featured below. This is my school’s library. I spend every other Tuesday here with all of my students. It is not nearly as large or fancy as many other middle school libraries today, but it services all of our students and teachers. I love helping my students find books, and being able to have a scheduled date to see my dear librarian friend. There are many kids that pile into the library in the mornings before school to read and work on homework, and I love it!

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As a child I primarily used my school library for books. I was there ALL THE TIME. I went on my own in between class visits. In middle school, the librarian and the aide let me check out myself if they were away from the counter. That’s the kind of kid I was.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as public libraries until I was eighth grade. The only reason my mom took me was to look for my summer reading book because she didn’t want to buy it. At the time, our library was literally this little shack-like building that had continuously been added on to over the years, so it was like a maze tunnel inside.

We finally got a proper library built, but one of the workers has the stink eye for me (small town political bullshit – she didn’t like my grandma because she didn’t believe in hoarding all the money for an organization they were both a part of), so I frequented it less and less due to her preferential treatment of me as a library patron. In college, I visited the local library once or twice. When I moved to Austin, I had to PAY for a public library membership. And then I had to PAY to RENEW it! After the first year I was done with that. I don’t visit any libraries now except for my school library.

What makes your local library special?

16 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Local Library Love

  1. I love this post. Made me miss my childhood library, which I have been meaning to go back and visit for years now. My new local library is also small, but really quaint and I like that it feels “comfy” and like a place, I could spend hours hanging out at.

    • I was under the understanding that in my state they are public facilities paid through taxpayer dollars and other allocations set aside and budgeted by the city or county, depending on who they serve. I haven’t had to pay for a public library membership in any other city I’ve lived in in Texas.

  2. Honestly, this looks better than the library I had in middle school! We probably had about seven shelves of books. It felt hard to find something new to read each week. I reread a lot of books. 😀

  3. I remember the library in elementary school but only very vaguely remember the one in high school and middle school. I used the one in college for research only. I don’t think I even knew how to check out books here. We have a really good local library system that has a great website. I have a branch just a couple of miles away from my house that’s on the smaller side but is fantastic. They have a good selection, a fabulous kids’ section and everyone there is really helpful. Your school library sounds fantastic! I think with libraries the main thing is the people. I love the graphic novel display.

  4. I have never heard of a library charging that seems crazy to me!! The library I go to in my town I enjoy mostly because I can order the books online and just pick them up, although sometimes I do enjoy browsing the shelves.

  5. Your school has a librarian AND a library aid? That is so cool. I haven’t worked in a building with an actual certified librarian since the one I did work with retired in 2002. Don’t get me wrong; the library assistants I’ve worked with do great work and love both books and kids, but it says a lot about priorities to have that be a classified position instead of a certified position.

    I absolutely adore my local public library system and always have been a huge patron. I join the crowds in horrified disbelief that your library system charges people to join. Wrong. I’m glad you have such a great school library, but what about people that don’t have that in their lives?

    • It is nice, Wendy. We share our actual librarian with the high school (where she is based) and our other middle school, so they aren’t both there all the time. Typically we only see the librarian during book fairs and a few other odd days here and there. I definitely see kids who abuse their library privileges and refuse to replace the books they lost/destroyed, and their parents do not get them books from other places (local library or purchased). It really makes me angry because there is no repercussion for losing $60 or more in books. We would not receive our report cards or state testing scores, and could not receive our schedules if we owed textbooks or library books. When we graduated high school, we couldn’t get our diploma if that were the case.

  6. I thought I was the only person who loves to read who didn’t grow up with the public library playing a big role in my life! I don’t remember ever setting foot in one until our family moved to KC from Alabama when I was 9. I wonder if Alabama’s were really crappy or something. Anyway, thanks so much for linking up this post at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

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