Sunday Post ~ She Returns

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So. I’m working on slowly, truly coming back to my blog. And reading. I haven’t read a book since last summer. I’m currently reading HOLES with my students, and it breaks my heart to realize I’ve gone half a year without reading. That’s how stressed I’ve been.

The same thing can be said about my bullet journal. I have slowly been whittling away at a spread here or there in it this past week, but I am SO far behind for the year.

Last week was spring break and while I should have been working on bujo and blog projects like a madman, I wasn’t. I was a total bum. And now I need at least 2 more days of spring break. During the break I slept A LOT, played all my games daily, watched a fair amount of TV, did some tidying here and there, had a day out with my mom, celebrated one brother’s birthday, and went to visit my baby brother at Ft. Sam. Y’all, I found out that I can totally be on board with living in the stingray area of the aquarium. I LOVED petting and playing with them.

If you follow me on Insta, you’ll know these past few weeks have been rough with Poco. This is the dog I found in early November and no one ever claimed him. My landlord’s husband volunteers with our shelter and is in the loop tried using his contacts to help in addition to everything I was doing to find this dog’s people. After weeks and weeks, I finally took him to get shots and chipped. He got fixed at the end of January and since then things have gone downhill fast.

I had to order quite a motherload of new shoes since Poco chewed up all my flip flops and two brand new pairs of shoes. And since I was there, I also purchased some additions to my wardrobe. This summer my goal is to go through my closet and remove and donate everything I don’t wear and reorganize. It really is chaos right now. I feel like a college kid picking up clothes off the floor to wear because I hate the closet.

I have also been working on trying to get to bed earlier to have more sleep and quality sleep. Well, some nights. I am the worst at taking care of myself, and I’m trying to start one thing each week to start building habits to take care of me. Two weekends ago I practiced straightening my hair to see how it would turn out and if that’s something I can keep doing moving forward. Success! I had so many compliments that next week about my new ‘do. Then I added in wearing my upper earrings and sometimes one other piece of jewelry, either a necklace or bracelet. I think my next step will be making the time to put on makeup a couple days a week.

My classroom is also feeling cramped. In the next two weeks I plan on getting rid of a tall bookcase, reorganizing furniture and some of my systems, and hopefully feel a little more fresh for the last stretch of the year.

I’m reading HOLES with all of my ELA classes. We have read thru chapter 10. We are keeping a double-entry journal as we go through the book. The kids are finding great examples of figurative language and irony. We’ve had some interesting discussions about Zero knowing something about the Warden, Mr. Sir having something to do with the yellow-spotted lizards, and more.

This is the first time I’ve read the book. Most of my students don’t believe me, though. I keep telling them I’m reading it for the first time alongside them. I have seen the movie, so I’m looking for things I know are different as I go through the book.

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