Thoughts on Thursday: Overwhelmed By Books


Overwhelmed By Books

Is it possible to read too much? To be overwhelmed with books? Have you ever felt this way?

I hate to say it. I hate to admit that sometimes reading is just a little too much for me. But…it is.

When I first came back to blogging seriously, I felt extreme pressure to read and review books. Many people bring this up. Their blog feels like “work,” like its own job. I am one of those people who procrastinate (often) and then the pressure is on to complete a stellar project. I’m not saying I enjoy that period of stress, but every once in a while I need that kick in the pants.

When Christmas rolled around, I was checked out. I stopped reading on December 23. At the time I was just burnt out on books, even though I feel like I hadn’t read that many. My reading during breaks this year have been nothing compared to what they were before. Then school started back up, and I had to TRUDGE through books.

I had to force myself to read. I had to force myself to find the time in an extremely overloaded state from day to day. I wanted to read, but I didn’t want to read. I was in a life slump.

Now I am a little bit more back on track, but it is still taking me over a week to finish a book I would normally have finished in three or four days. I have books I have been meaning to review since I first started blogging. I have had the same books on my TBR for months now. I made my TBR Jar and I’m not even getting to use it yet because I had pre-TBR Jar reads I wanted to finish that didn’t go in the jar.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll have noticed my reviews have dwindled to just one a week. That’s only four each month! I feel overwhelmed with books. There are so many I feel I’ll never get through them. It’s off-putting. It makes me want to avoid my Kindle. I sometimes can’t even look at it when I get home because I’ll start feeling guilty. And then the reading just piles up higher. It’s a vicious cycle.


Have you ever been overwhelmed by books?

How do you handle this conundrum?

17 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Overwhelmed By Books

  1. Amen! I feel like I’m in a reading slump solely because of the pressure to read. So you’re definitely not the only one. I’m already a week behind on my schedule and whenever someone asks me to go and do something fun, I’m like “Nope, gotta read”. Which used to be my idea of fun! I think it’s smart for me to go on a reading break after I’m done in a few weeks with all the review requests.
    And if one book a week works for you, I’d certainly keep it that way and don’t feel bad about it. It’s better than nothing and also better than forcing yourself into it with the end result of reading becoming a dreadful chore!

    • I am back in a slump. I thought I was out, but I haven’t read in two weeks. I think I have just been trying so hard to read that I feel I’m missing out on my life. And that sucks. I haven’t read in two weeks, but I’m also trying new things out in life, so…maybe soon? I need some time. I used to feel the same way about going out with friends or family, but now I WANT to hang out with them.

      • D’awwe. I think I feel exactly the same. The missing out on life part…yeah… I mean, reading is good for you, but if you have the opportunity to actually create similar experiences of your own in real life, you totally should. Feels like a waste of time if you look back at your life when you’re in a retirement home and can only tell your grandkids stories which happened in books :).

  2. I get overwhelmed by the number of books I have because I want to read them all and I get frustrated with my progress.
    I wouldn’t feel bad about 1 review a week or 1 review a month. When you start putting a lot of pressure it definitely makes everything a lot less fun!

  3. Reading and blogging should be fun. If it’s not fun anymore, it’s time for a break. I often get overwhelmed by the number of unread books I own. I put myself on a book-buying ban in January and haven’t bought any new releases this year because I need to finish last year’s books. Not getting new books has helped me feel less overwhelmed.

    • Yes, it should! I enjoy blogging, but reading lately just hasn’t held my interest. I’m trying to be very careful with accepting new books, and I feel I’ve done a pretty good job of it. Thanks for weighing in on my dilemma!

  4. I think being overwhelmed by TBR books is like an essential part of being a bookworm. I’m always feeling the pressure to get through my books super fast, especially when I look at all of NetGalley books and books that I’ve actually bought but haven’t gotten to read yet. Reading and blogging should be fun and never a chore! Go at your own pace and just do what works for you, whether that’s reading multiple books a week or one book a month.
    I think the most important thing to remember is to not push yourself. If you do that then you’ll end up burning out and going into a reading slump which is what happened to me a few weeks ago. When I start feeling overwhelmed, I just put my books away and binge watch an entire series on Netflix in like a week. It helps to refresh my mind and actually puts me in the mood to get back to reading. 🙂

  5. It’s like you were speaking to my heart! I’m in this right now. I want to read (and need to read / review books), but I don’t want to read. It really is a never ending cycle. Mostly, I binge watch something on Netflix. Or I just put away all electronics for a day or two, and hopefully the feeling of wanting to read comes back.

    I don’t think 1 book a week is terrible. That’s all I do. Granted, I am a slow reader, and sometimes there will be more than 1. But I think if you feel like you have to do more than that, it’s just extra pressure. My best advice: go at your own pace. 😀

  6. I know exactly what you mean. I started book blogging this year and right now, the pressure is finally getting to me. I feel like I need to read all the time and keep up the reviews to keep my blog going. Then there are always new books,those books that everyone seems to have read and so they come my way and again, I try to keep up. My TBR list is too big right now. For me, blogging is also becoming overwhelming. I thought it would be fun since I love reading and writing. I plan on leaving my scheduled posts on and then taking a break from it all at least for three days or a week.

    As others have mentioned, keep at your own pace and take a break whenever you feel that you need to. All the best 🙂

    • Pressure is real! Why do we do this to ourselves? lol I love blogging, and I have the posting thing totally under control now. if my TBR were cut in half I’d probably feel much better about things, but that is life!

  7. I definitely go through cycles in my reading. Right now, my littlest is nursing less and less, and since that’s my reading time, that means I’m reading less and less. Sad! Thanks for sharing this post at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

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