Review: The Golden Peacock

Title: The Golden Peacock
Author: S. Adler
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: June 2014
Length: 34 pages
Ages?: 3-8
Genre: Children’s Literature

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The Golden Peacock Another wonderfully imaginative story by Sigal Adler. Lovely images and a sweet rhyming story tell the tale of a magical golden peacock who saves the day. good for bed time or any time reading. Long, long ago and far, far away, A big pirate ship set sail one day, It carried heavy sacks of silver and gold, And three wicked pirates, strong and bold.

***** Review *****

Three wicked pirates have been terrorizing the land, leaving the people poor and desperate. They seek out the help of their friend, the wizard, who is old and wise.

He read about a magic peacock who lived on a star. 

This peacock sang special songs when it flew, 

Tunes that defeated evil, and wicked pirates too. 

The wizard calls upon the peacock, who can sing a magical song.

The entire book is set up in rhymes, with an AABB rhyme scheme to engage young readers, as well as colorful and vivid illustrations. A great book to use for beginning conversations about sharing and not stealing with children.

But the legend lives on and the story is often told, 

About the pirates who were defeated by feathers of gold.

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