Sunday Post (March 22)

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Spring break is supposed to be light, airy and fun…right?

Well, not if you’re me.

I did not go anywhere for spring break mainly due to family obligations (again, more drama with the asshole uncle and grandpa situation). I also had my appointment with the GI specialist to finally get going on these stomach issues. And when leaving the restaurant I was lunching at before my appointment, some skeevy sewer rat asshat rammed into the back of my car. He jumped out to check his car and then took off. My first instinct was to take off after him and follow him, which I should have done!

Essentially, since it was on private property (in a parking lot) the police can’t really do anything and the license plate number they ran came back to a vehicle – matching the description of the car! – that had not been registered in 7 years….so obviously I wrote down that plate number wrong, probably got some numbers inverted…because a car unregistered for that long is obviously no longer on the roadways. Thanks for all the help, PD! People do that ALL the time. Estimated amount of damage: $1,000.

The GI specialist then confirmed she did not know what my stomach issue is (and didn’t seem all that familiar with my history in my chart, which worries me) and ordered a colonoscopy. I shouldn’t have to have one of these till I’m twice the age I am now!

And it flooded at the very end of the week. All of the streets in my area were flooded. Here’s a picture of the street in front of my neighbor’s house and their driveway. I turned my Jeep into a floating houseboat for a bit!




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5 thoughts on “Sunday Post (March 22)

  1. My GI doc was the same way. When the colonoscopy didn’t show anything unusual (fyi, the worst part is just trying to drink the nasty stuff they give you), they officially decided on IBS because they had ruled everything else out.

    Also, thanks for linking up to me!

  2. Thanks for linking up! 😀

    My town was also flooded a while ago…everything was a mess. Hope everything’s ok 🙂

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