Review: I Am Good at Lots of Things

Title: I Am Good at Lots of Things
Author: Jessica Arnold
Release Date: November 2011
Length: 24 pages
Ages?: 3-12
Genre: Children’s Literature

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This is a story about Alex, a girl who feels like she never has any luck. She learns that even if she doesn’t win, trying and not giving up is really what makes someone a winner. Great for self-esteem, this novel is written by a child who has had challenges and wanted to share her experiences!

***** Review *****

Alex is a second grader and she likes being helpful to others. She enjoys entering contests, but she usually ends up being sad because she tries hard but she never seems to be as good as she thought. All she could think about was winning.

Even though she tried really hard ad did her best work, she lost the coloring contest. Tears welled up in her eyes because she felt like a failure. 

In her bad mood, everything else seemed worse than it was. She began to see things in a negative light. 

Through a series of events, other people commend and compliment Alex on her various talents. It gets her thinking about the things she is good at, instead of trying to win in those areas for contests. She begins to realize it’s not winning, it’s about doing something fun or good.

This is a great book to use for teaching young children to be thankful and grateful and recognize their talents instead of focusing on winning or excelling and being rewarded in those areas.

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