The Dreaded Question

I hate the dreaded question. 

No, it’s not the high-pressured question asked by a man who should be down on one knee where the answer should be yes.

It’s worse than that because it requires decisions. If another man asks me to marry him, I’m fairly certain I’ll know exactly how I’ll answer before I ever get asked. Unless it’s another random weirdo stalker. That time was unexpected.

I hate when the man asks or hints around at things. Although, I will admit, last year I never even knew. Never saw it coming. But I hate when my mom asks…

“What do you want for Christmas?”

I’m sure five year olds and teens have no problem answering this with an original and an extended version list. It seems like a very basic, simple question except…


I can’t even decide where I want to go to dinner with the man – even with several days notice.

I don’t even know WTF I want. I will stand there staring at you like a raw potato.

My mind is blank. Empty. Welcome to the Land of the Devoid. Who am I? Where are we? Are we even speaking the same language? 

My standard response is just like the kids’ response in The Little Rascals when asked for their bank account number.


“Try eight.”

“Uh, eight.”

I don’t know! I don’t know what I want 99% of the time until I see it or some semblance of it somewhere. Online, usually. It’s not until I see it that I want it.  And then I ignore the fact that I want it because I think it’s ridiculously expensive. So I just buy it for myself the instant I see it (without thinking of these things) or I just sigh wistfully. Growing up we had very slim Christmases, so I don’t expect my family to all of a sudden change. If I want it and I want it bad enough, I typically end up purchasing it for myself.

But if one was going to buy a gift for me, here are some items I would not snub and turn away from my tree…


#1 An Amazon Gift Card

Because I like to pick my own books! Everyone knows you have to read a book someone gifts you. But what if you don’t like it? The pressure! Let’s just save everyone involved the stress of selecting the wrong book. You don’t second-guess yourself over your selection, standing in front of the shelves at Barnes & Noble for 35 minutes, scouring my Goodreads Challenge from the year and trying to find like books. I don’t have to feel guilty over reading the book you get me, telling you “Oh, I just have a TBR mountain. I’ll get to it soon!” every time I see you and you ask what I thought about the book you bought. Let’s just save everyone the hassle. All I need is an Amazon gift card loaded.


#2 Fluffy and Soft! 

Socks, blankets, pillows. You name it. If it is fluffy and soft, I will undoubtedly like it. As will Baby. In fact, we are like big babies. Everyone buys soft, plushy things for babies. That’s what we need, too. You know, since we now fight over pillows and blankets.


#3 A Mermaid Tail

Because why not? Cool and warm! Available here at a low price.



#4 Funko Dolls

Any of my favorite Disney movies, Harry Potter, Outlander. ALL OF THEM.


#5 Bookcases

Just like this. Or close.



#6 A Baby Charm

Specifically, a personalized paw charm of my sweet girl, Baby. I will cherish it always and forever. Available here.



#7 Outlander Jewelry

I found these years ago. When I was still in high school, I think. I adore them. One day…one day. Available here.


#8 Candles.

Because I want to do this…or something like it in my bedroom. Or my bathroom…with my imaginary Jacuzzi-style tub with killer jets.


What’s on your letter for Santa? What’s the worst gift you ever received? Let’s share the forced shopping dreams and nightmares!

20 thoughts on “The Dreaded Question

  1. Hahaha! That was funny! I get you though, Charlie. I’m not good at answering this question either. And I *did* ask for Amazon and B&N gift cards because it keeps me from answering until I’m ready to buy. 😉 I also asked for some specific books. Hopefully Santa brings up both exactly what we want…or need. He has the magic to know, right?? Ha! 😀

  2. Great post! I hate this question too because I can just about never come up with something. That mermaid tail is adorable and I’m all about all things fuzzy and soft. Merry Christmas!

    • I actually found a list recently that I had started in college and saved as a draft in my email. I need to cross-check it against my bookcase when it gets unfettered by boxes and update it. Perhaps I’ll hand it out this year!

  3. I hate the question too. This is the first year I actually supplied a list–and I made sure it had the most ridiculous (and unreasonably highly-priced) things mixed in. Amazon gift card and B&N gift card were at the top of my list.

    • That’s funny! I should put some absolutely ridiculous bookcase set on my list. Amazon GC are always a win.

      My aunt married into a family of three kids. Their family tradition was to draw names, basically a Secret Santa. You got that person’s list of a variety of their most-wanted items and had to spend $100 getting your person items off their list. You didn’t have to get ALL the items. Besides their children and spouse, they only had to spend $100 on gifts for someone else. It wasn’t a bad plan because then everyone got things they really wanted and it wasn’t unreasonable. [On my mother’s side alone there are nearly 20 of us cousins and now 17 great-grandkids plus my brother’s two bonus kids, so it would actually work out really well for us if we could get everyone together to do the lists, then the drawing, then the giving.] After a couple of years, my aunt’s brother-in-law drew her name. He bought her one Yankee candle and made a big to-do on Christmas that that was the only thing she was getting. My aunt’s in-laws (excluding fatherIL) did not like my aunt and made it very plain over the years. That year was the final straw for that!

  4. This is so fun! I love that, “the dreaded question” bwhahah. I love the things you do want, too! I will take those bookcases if you’re handing them out 😉 Also, my daughter got one of those mermaid tails and I want one of my own, they are so SOFT! And YES to gift cards. I would like allll the gift cards. And candles! My list was basically… books, and then book related merchandise bwhahah. But I also got warm socks and a candle and sheets and a bottle of wine! Those were the non-bookish things haha. Then… books. And book merch 😉 Hope that you got some of your wishes!!

    • Ohhhhh, now I want a mermaid tail so bad. I just want to flop around on the couch, reading my books. I’m bad about books – I just go to bookstores or go to Amazon and peruse and pick. In that way I’m a horrible fan, I don’t faithfully follow many authors religiously (or even semi-religiously). So…giftcards! 😀

    • I have realized the one thing I need to get to make life easier next year! And I know the perfect place to put it. I’m telling my family I will be taking cash or check collections towards it as it is several hundreds of dollars. 🙂

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