My Bullet Journal: My Collections


This is the third in a series of posts about My Bullet Journal Journey. I’ve sequenced the posts so that they chronicle my journey and are step-by-step guides for those of you considering starting your own. 

I finally started bullet journaling thanks to several bloggers. Nereyda started the ball rolling and created this bujo movement, including Karen sharing hers. My inspiration for everything from legend to my March pages was inspired by Nereyda’s layouts. Now that I have this bullet journaling underway and understand how to work it all, I am going to start getting a little more creative and try to differentiate each month just a little.


Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer, created the bullet journal. He has his own website, which I didn’t find particularly helpful. But there is a separate blog called The Bulletjournalist that has all the good stuff. I set up my bullet journal following Nereyda’s steps, and after I had done January and February I realized some mistakes I made. If you haven’t ever done a bullet journal before, I strongly point you in the direction of The Bulletjournalist.

My Collections 










In my legend, I distinguished my collections with stars. As I added a new month and realized new collections I wanted to add, I understood where I went wrong in how I placed them. In my next bujo, I am going to start my collections at the back of my journal and work forward. I don’t want them stuck in the middle of month and weekly logs.

16406444_10154361584992643_9206858909223333852_nSince this was a lesson learned through experience, I decided to tab these pages. I set up little washi tape tabs on the sides of pages. The glitter tabs are for all of my blog and reading related lists and projects, the stripes are for financial trackers I set up, and the lacy green tab is for movies and recipes.

Personal Collections


This was the first thing I put in my bullet journal. It was a starting place and I actually like that it is in the front of my journal.

I decided I wanted to do an A-Z About Me page. I started working on it and got a few things filled in. It is hard for me to think about all of the letters of the alphabet and fill each one in. I slowly came back to this over the course of about two weeks and added a couple of things.

I didn’t force myself to choose only one thing for each letter, so that makes it more fun. I still have work to do with this one. I do know of one thing I need to add at this moment – Cera. The man and I adopted a dog in January (which you can see “Get Baby a sister” was a goal for January).

I have a lot of white space on the right side of the page, so I’m thinking of coming back and adding a drawing or well-placed sticker.


I started a bucket list in college. I still have that list somewhere around in my old writing notebook. At the time, that TV show about four guys completing their bucket list items was very trendy following the 2007 film The Bucket List.

I made some of the typical college student list items, like kiss someone in the pouring rain (which I did).

Now though, my bucket list items have changed. I still want to dig out my old notebook and find my original list and migrate any items over that I still want to accomplish, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

I do want to learn to quilt, and my librarian friend just finished her quilt she’s been working on for years. I also want to write my novel. I started it off strong and wrote other little pieces for later parts of the book, and they are sitting around in my Google Drive still.


I also decided to keep a running wish list after reflecting on one of my December posts about the dreaded Christmas question.

The one item I want to purchase this year (you know, because of the big move out of my bungalow home and into the man’s already full home) is a jewelry armoire. I started looking at some and they are crazy expensive. I’ll have to set aside at least a grand for one, so not like I should be adding anything else to my list! lol

I do have a couple of items I’ve relegated to an Amazon Wish List that I need to copy down as well.


On the right side spread next to my wish list is a huge list of self-care items. I am horrible at taking care of myself. My coworkers and now my doctors (yes, more than one) are pointing that out. I let my job get in the way of my life way too much, and I am working on saying no and scaling back my devotion in order to take care of myself as everyone should. When I am in a moment of stress, or a moment when I make a conscious decision that I need to do something for me, I’ll go back and pull out this list.

This post was inspired by someone else’s self-care list on Instagram. I should have recorded who, but I cannot remember the user who shared her list. I changed a handful of items. Like running. Yeeaaaahhhh…that doesn’t work for me. 😀



I also made a spread for my allergies. I carry around a notebook in my purse that has these written in chicken scratch, and I never even use the damn notebook. I originally put it in my purse to write down ideas and things that inspired me while I was out and about in the world. So much for that.


I’ve seen many people doing a Year in Pixels page. I’m just keeping it simple and calling it a Mood Tracker. That’s what it is. I do like the idea of coloring in the boxes, though, and I might go back and do that.

I started my mood tracker with the first five moods. After introducing the bullet journal project to my yearbook students, my class that has my veteran students in it suggested I add a frustrated mood because they know I get frustrated about things, but it might not make it a mad, sad, bleh, or stressed day. I only added this at the tail end of January, so you won’t see that color until Febraury really.

I am also thinking I am still missing some moods. I don’t know if my bleh mood is really an alternative way to say content or not. I’ll be taking notes for next year’s bujo.


And with my mood tracker for the year is also my list of Things That Made Me Happy. The year started with a bang and I was able to record several happy moments or memories, or things that determined future happiness for the man and I.

My scratched out item is not a pregnancy announcement. That same yearbook class tried to immaculate conception me. For a week they were convinced the thing I wouldn’t show them was that I was pregnant. They crave love and happiness, no matter how salty and dramatic they are.

My scratched out item is related to work, and I talked about it a few weeks ago.



Two of my major reading challenges this year are to listen to more audiobooks (at least six) and my #1 priority is getting my NetGalley tackled.

I decided that keeping a list of the books I’ll be looking to choose from would be a good idea, and it will give me visual motivation to cross things off my lists. I am currently reading my third audiobook of the year and I already have read several NetGalley choices.


I also started a Series tracker. There are series I have started and never finished. Some I want to finish, and others (ahem, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) I’m not so inclined to finish. And then there are others that I want to start altogether that I’ve been meaning to and just never have.

I only had a couple series on my list, and my students helped me add a couple that I agreed to, and some I wasn’t sure about so I put those on a sticky note and have it sitting on the page.

After my students gave me ideas, I realized I wanted to read Agatha Christie’s series, so I added those to my list. I still have plenty of room for more!

I have a few more collections (movie, recipe, financial) that I’ve started, but I made some mistakes and I’m going to be fixing them. I’ll share my ooopsies and how I reinvented the pages in a subsequent post.

What other types of collections do you record? Do you have any suggestions for me? 

17 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal: My Collections

  1. I love all your collections and lists! The idea of keeping a wishlist through the year is great because that “what do you want” question is such a challenge! I do wish my handwriting was better. I’ve been thinking about trying some hand lettering lessons so I can do the pretty headings and all that.

  2. Ahh! I’ve been really wanting to start a bullet journal. Like BAD. Now, I want to start one even more. I love all of your pages, especially the pages about the series you want to start or finish. Thanks so much for sharing…and peer pressuring me 😉

  3. You’re doing a great job with your bujo! I love the idea of putting your collections in the back of the journal. I’ve been doing stuff as I go, which means that (for instance) my reading list is currently on two page spreads, one at the beginning of the book and one in the middle. And thanks for pointing to The Bulletjournalist site.

    • Yes, and that is what I realized after the first two months. I like to paperclip my months together, so I have all of January clipped, all of February clipped, and so on. Not separating the collections is now a pain because I have to go back digging for it.

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