“Like me! Like me! Oh, please, oh pa-leeez, like me!”


What’s that on the computer screen?

That’s me! Er, well, sort of. That’s Girl of 1000 Wonders Facebook page! Yes, it does exist. 😉

After a year of book blogging, I have come a long way…but I thought I’d be getting places faster, so I’m going to help that along.

I am officially joining the masses, shouting, “Like me! Like me! Oh, please, oh pa-leeez, like me!”

It’s pretty basic, my Girl of 1000 Wonders Facebook page, because I have neglected it. Yes, yes I have. I am fully admitting it. I see other authors or bloggers doing all kinds of jazz in my newsfeed, and I think, Hmmm, I should do something like that, except I never do. OK, not never. I have done two new things on the blog, but really, what’s that worth when it’s not consistent? 

If you have not yet “Liked” the Girl of 1000 Wonders Facebook page, I forgive you, but my forgiveness won’t last for long! I know it’s sometimes hard to navigate through all of the world wide web, and things get discombobulated. I get it, I really do.

But no more! There’s a handy-dandy link in the right-side navigation bar right below the blog stats, which if I do say so myself are looking pretty good! Go show some of that love!

Ye followers shall go “Like” Girl of 1000 Wonders Facebook page. Go, now! Do not tarry!*singsong* You’ll get content on the FB page that you don’t get on the blog! 😀

If you want to buzz over there and have a peek, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/Girlof1000Wonders

So what’s in line for the blog this week?

Well. Let’s see …

I don’t know how to say this…

I’M GETTING A NEW CAR! I’M GETTING A NEW CAR! C’m on, dance with me people!

Yes. Yes!! BRAND SPANKING 150 miles NEW!

Shipped all the way to Austin, Texas from North Carolina. I know, I’m so picky. Hey, I’m spending $25K, I’ll get what I damn well want. Did I mention the dealership could only find 3 in the entire United States? … Yeaaaahhh.

In the meantime, I have an Avenger to drive. The dealership had no qualms about giving it to me. It had 21 miles on it! I’ve never driven a car with that few miles, but I more than doubled it on the drive home. 🙂 Sorry Nyle.


Yes, that’s aaaaaalll ours.

I am starting the Great March Move of 2014! … On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…the END of my spring break. Please don’t smack me, I already know. Stupid idea. I’ve V8-ed me about a thousand times.  But, it needed to happen. It had to happen, if some people wanted to stay alive long enough to see the future unravel. It’s been one heck of a ride, but the stop was 5 months ago, and I’m going to be jumping off that train at full speed, bags packed.

Do not be deceived – it takes up the entire parlor.

The blog will go on as usual, thanks to my expert planning, but I won’t be checking in for probably a week so that we can get all settled….and find out what’s in all of these boxes packed up last summer. Oh, the purging to be done. There’s no reason anyone in their mid-20s should have this much stuff….and that’s not even all of it. There’s no furniture there except the mattresses. I have stuff in storage too, and at my parents. 😦

So, please wish me a happy packing and happy, stress-free move (or as stress-free as can be).

In the meantime, if you don’t mind …

“Like me! Like me! Oh, please, oh pa-leeez, like me!”


My Foray into Book Blogging…and other things

I’ve always been a reader, and a writer, but never really a blogger. I started with the teeny-bopper Myspace blogs, that have long since been deleted. Then, I decided to get back to writing to get used to the habit so I could finish a novel I started several years ago.

So I once again started a blog, Murmur. It was intended to be a place to share my writings and poems, but it also turned into sharing elements of my personal life. I suppose you could call it a brainstorming blog. But then life happened – advanced education, literature and geography courses, projects and papers, swarms of assigned readings, friends, jobs, student organizations, responsibilities – and the blog fell off my radar. Plus, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and didn’t have the time to figure it out.

With the ringing in of the new 2013 year, I went back and made a re-commitment to my Murmur blog. I did a little investigating and changed things up a bit. I gave it a friendlier, easy look and added some cool widgets to the sidebar. It doesn’t look too bad, but I’m still struggling with how to get the subscription to work through Feedburner. If you know how, by all means help! I revisited my Goodreads account and set a goal for 2013 – to read 150 books!! I plan on being active with my Murmur blog and on Goodreads, catching up with the groups I’ve joined, adding ratings and reviews to all the books I’ve read. This may mean going back and re-reading all the books I’ve read…which wouldn’t really be a pain. 🙂

And then, something great happened. A friend, who is an avid reader, began publicizing her book blog, The Electic Bookworm, on Facebook, with it’s own Facebook page. I saw it and went perusing since I wasn’t quite sure what it was. And I discovered her book blog! I asked if I could write guest book reviews every once in a while, and she immediately added me to her blog account here with WordPress, and also manager access to the Facebook page for the blog. WOW!

So I got started activating my access to the WordPress blog, but I had to create my own WordPress account…and I thought to myself, Why not create my own blog dedicated to reading, literature and photography? These are all things that I love, arts that I view as interconnected. Whereas The Eclectic Bookworm is adult reading across all genres, I have very different tastes. Although I think Mommabel has gotten me on a track with reading more history and biography, my readings will focus more on the mainstream adult fiction as well as young adult novels and children’s novels to use in classroom teaching, since my background is in education. I’m not as broad or eager to cross genres as Mommabel is; I particularly stay away from sci-fi and horror. BUT I do live by the Reader’s Rule: Finish the first three chapters before deciding to continue or discard your reading selection. Some of the genres I delve into include young adult, children’s, fiction, romance, historical romance, classic and suspense. Expect to see representations of these genres, educational uses and implementations of these genres and books, as well as showcases of amazing or interesting photography of my own and other’s.