Thoughts on Thursday: Book Boyfriends


Book Boyfriends

The term “book boyfriend” is a term that generally grates on me. When I think back to when this term became popular and highly used, I vividly recall the Twilight series. There was such a huge calling for Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. It forced readers to choose a side – and thus, advocating for a book boyfriend.

I also associate the term to teens and teen reads. I am by no means bashing adult YA readers. It’s just that I have seen so many people listing so many book boyfriends. It seems…elementary, like how little first graders list half of their grade as their boyfriend/girlfriend because they are simply friends and they like one another. The concept of boyfriend/girlfriend is completely lost on them.

Is the concept of book boyfriends lost on us, as readers? Specifically female readers? At what point is it too much – too many “boyfriends” on our list?

Are all of these guys that wonderfully rounded and deserving of a relationship? Or are they just guys that we are intensely attracted to…and are better off as one-night stands? OR are they guys we really love but aren’t date-able and we’d just really like them as a boy friend?

This is how I think in terms of book boyfriends. I think I can only include one honest-to-God book boyfriend, and that is Jamie Fraser of the Outlander series. A couple boy friends I would love to have in my life are Pudge and the Colonel from John Green’s Looking for Alaska.

Does this change how you view book boyfriends?


I want to know three things! Include the character name and book title for each below: 

  • Who is your #1 book boyfriend? What makes him stand out above the crowd as boyfriend material? 

  • Who would be on your friend zone list? What qualities separate him from boyfriend material? 

  • Who would be on your one-night list?