March 2017 – Chapter Break BINGO

March 2017 BINGO

Hosted by the gals at Chapter Break. For the list of rules, visit the main page.

In a Series – King of the Friend Zone

Library Book – The Phantom Tollbooth

Shelf Love Book – King of the Friend Zone

Free Book – King of the Friend Zone

Audiobook – 

Irish/Ireland – 

Magic – The Phantom Tollbooth

Green on the Cover – 

Changing Habits – The Phantom Tollbooth

College – 

Fan Fic – 

Spring Fling – 


Travel (Time/Space) – The Phantom Tollbooth

Royalty – The Piper’s Price

Trust/Betrayal – The Piper’s Price

Alternate History – The Piper’s Price

Steampunk – 

Mentor/Apprentice – 

Recommended to You – The Phantom Tollbooth

Gold/Rainbow – The Phantom Tollbooth

God/Demigod/Supreme Being – 

Music/Band – The Phantom Tollbooth

Sword Fight – 

Engagement – King of the Friend Zone