Bookish Bingo: Ready for Spring!

There are some suggestions for the categories at Great Imaginations, as well as the sign up. All you do is create a post to participate, or a shelf or somewhere to keep track, link it up in the comments, and work on getting that BINGO card filled!

Here are the rules:

  1. Sign ups end on   ? .
  2. Compile a list of all your books.
  3. Only one square per book, so strategize!
  4. You may include one DNF.

This challenge will last from April 1 to June 30, 2015. 



Murder Mystery — A Batter of Life and Death by Ellie Alexander

Classic — Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (audio)

Parental Relationships — Baxter’s Draw by Juliette Harper

Horror — 

Illustrated Cover — The Maisy Files by Elizabeth Woodrum

Forgotten Fridays Pick — 

Yellow Cover — Allie’s Yellow Jacket by Claudia Brehse

Bullying Robin’s Reward by June McCrary Jacobs

Thieves, Assassins, Pirates — The First Fight by Kara Loo & Jennifer Young

Part of a Trilogy — Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco by Julie Anne Grasso

Aussie Author — Treasured Secrets by Kendall Talbot

April, May, June Release — Alice’s Portrait by Juliette Harper

Parallel Universes — 

Nonfiction or Memoir — 

Reread — The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis

Rain or Storm in Title — Hope In Every Rain Drop by Wesley Banks

Anthology or Collection — Rainy Day Poems by James McDonald

Green Cover — Karmack by J.C. Whyte

Historical — Molly Lee by Andrew Joyce

Dark Contemporary — 

High Fantasy — Citadel in the Sky by Chrysoula Tzavelas


#We Need Diverse Books — 

Plants on Cover — Darkness Rising by Meryl Yourish

4 thoughts on “Bookish Bingo: Ready for Spring!

  1. […] BINGO — I will admit: I kind of stopped working on this one in April. I think I got a swell of overconfidence that I was for sure going to complete this one 100% this time…so I got kinda lazy. I also stopped planning for books that matched squares on my card. I have completed 10 of the 24 squares. Only 14 more books! […]

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