Bookish Bingo: Holiday Edition


There are some suggestions for the categories at Great Imaginations, as well as the sign up. All you do is create a post to participate, or a shelf or somewhere to keep track, link it up in the comments, and work on getting that BINGO card filled!

The Challenge:  

Read as many book(s) that meet the BINGO card criteria. Try to get as many BINGOs as you can!

The Rules

  1. Sign ups end on October 15. Go sign up!
  2. At the end of the Holiday BINGO Edition, compile a list of all your books (with links) into a Bingo Wrap Up. {*Books do not have to be reviewed*}
  3. Only one square per book, so strategize!
  4. All reading must be done during the months of October, November and December.
  5. There will be a giveaway again!  Extra entries will be awarded for multiple BINGOS and a fully covered card earns +5!

This challenge will last from October 1 to December 31, 2014. 

For the Summer Edition of Bookish Bingo I filled all but three squares – BUT I did even read a book for my “FREE” square because I saw someone else had done that. Now I know that it is truly a free space, and won’t waste any reading time filling that square with a book that doesn’t fit on another space.


GREEN COVER – The Wishing Spell

HISTORICAL – What Happens at Christmas


HORROR – Blood Entwines

ROMANCE – The Match Maker


CREATURE – The Secret Sister’s Club


RED COVER – Real Santa


SNOW COVER – Lionel’s Christmas Adventure


SERIAL KILLERS – Murder at the Brightwell

BIRDS – Mother’s Love Can Conquer Any Fear

MYSTERY – Acts of Violence

CHRISTMASTIME – Gross Gus: Nothing for Christmas!




AUTUMN – Ten Thankful Turkeys

ORANGE COVER – Love Amid the Ashes

FALL/WINTER RELEASE – Sweet T and the North Wind


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